Three Strange Ways People Have Tried to Cure Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a condition that will affect most men at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, due largely to genetics, some men will begin suffering from this problem much earlier and more severely than others. This can have an extremely detrimental effect on a person’s confidence, comfort, and social life. As a result, many people will visit the best dermatologist for hair loss in their area to try to regrow their hair. However, throughout the years, people have tried any number of alternative treatments to prevent and resolve baldness. According to Men’s Fitness, these are some of the strangest methods that have been attempted:

Henna, Anyone?
If you’ve ever seen the temporary, intricate tattoos that cover the hands of a Hindu bride for her wedding ceremony, you’ve witnessed a common and traditional use for the henna plant. Henna tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as a fun decoration in the Western world, but some people insist it has another effect: hair growth. Boiling a cup of mustard leaves with four tablespoons of henna leaves before applying the cooled mixture to your scalp will supposedly help you regrow your hair if you apply it daily. However, given henna’s popularity as an ingredient in temporary tattoos, this recipe seems more likely to dye your scalp dark brown.

Put Down Your Beer…and Pour it Into This Next Recipe
While most people would rather drink their beer, another recipe suggests making a paste from your favorite brew, honey and boiled wheat. This perhaps isn’t as strange as some of the other methods, as honey is known as a natural antiseptic. However, there is one caveat: it must be applied by the hands of a virgin.

Make Like a Viking and Fetch Me a Goose
The tough, Northern warrior race reportedly believed that rubbing goose droppings could regrow hair. Surprisingly, they weren’t alone in this belief: other methods included cow manure and pig urine. If you aren’t willing to try this method, however, it is also believed that having a cow lick a combination of oats and molasses off of your scalp can help your follicles. In fact, at least one baldness clinic in South America swears by it.

In spite of the many odd methods suggested to help prevent hair loss and regrow hair, the best option for many is to visit dermatologist clinics to discuss the problem with the best dermatologist for hair loss there. While these specialists are more likely to be associated with skin problems like acne, psoriasis, skin cancer and other problems, many often focus on the condition of the scalp and hair follicles, which can cause hair loss and baldness. They can then treat the problem with a variety of modern treatments, including laser hair therapy and hair transplants. More importantly, no one will try to put goose or cow droppings on your scalp…as long as you do your research, that is. Search for the best dermatologist for hair loss in your area and schedule an appointment today. Learn more:

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