Three Things to Know About the New Gummy Bear Implants

How much does breast augmentation cost

There are many different reasons to get breast implants. Perhaps the most widely enjoyed one is the boost of confidence that comes with an increased bra size, complemented by the looks you get when you’re walking down the street. In fact, a startling number of women say they enjoy an improved sex life post-surgery — a statistic that makes it easy to see why breast augmentation surgery is currently the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, with nearly 330,000 women undergoing the surgery in 2012 alone.

But all breast implants are not created equal. In fact, recent innovations in the field have allowed for a new type of implant previously not offered to make its grand debut in the pantheon of cosmetic surgery practices. It’s called the “Gummy Bear” implant, and it’s just as its name implies except, you know, it’s not edible. Sounds intriguing, right? You don’t even know the half of it.

Tear-drop shapes to mimic natural breasts.

Until just a few years ago, if you wanted information on breast augmentation surgery, you were told that you have two choices: saline or silicone. The former was based around a liquid-filled sac, and the latter was a firmer, gelatinous substance. Now, the “Gummy Bear” implant (officially known as the form stable implant), is actually tear-drop shaped much like an actual breast. It’s firmer, too, created from a similar substance to silicone. That all points toward better reasons to get breast implants today than even three or four years ago.

Trading in sloshing for consistent firmness.

Saline sacs aren’t stable and silicone implants aren’t necessarily close to the feel of human flesh. But form stable implants were specifically engineered to ape both the shape and the texture of a real breast — hence their descriptive, unofficial name. Scientists say the recently FDA-approved implants may be less likely to cause a capsular contracture, or a rejection of foreign materials inside the body.

Keeping up with appearances and preventing wrinkling.

Quick! What’s your favorite celebrity breast augmentation story? The best ones tend to be the young starlets who get a chest size boost when they’re young and end up with misshapen breasts years later because of natural aging. Form stable implants may in fact be less likely to wrinkle up because the gel which comprises the implants themselves is much stiffer than in its silicone counterparts. Again, this is just one of the reasons to get breast implants today.

Remember that having breast implants is a major life decision that shouldn’t be made lightly, even when the latest technologies look so bright and promising. For more breast implant information, always consult your physician and a cosmetic surgeon separately. Helpful sites.

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