Tips to Choosing A Bone Graft Delivery Device

Unlike in the past, bone graft surgery has over the years become a common medical procedure with experts in the medical profession recommending bone grafting technology for various reasons. One of the reasons is when a patient has unhealed fractures or in the event that a surgery is necessary after joint replacement. Thanks to bone graft companies, it is now possible for patients to undergo bone repair using bone graft delivery systems. Before patients can be attended to by doctors in bone grafting, there is the need to identify the graft delivery device to be used for treatment of bone related medical issues. However, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right graft delivery device. These factors are related to the technology used and the patient’s status in relation to their bone injury. Below are some of the things that go into selecting the right bone graft delivery system.

How to Select Bone Graft Material
Ordinarily, bone graft surgeries involve the bone graft delivery device being paired to a specific manufacturer or a different bone graft manufacturer. The devices used in bone graft surgeries are either synthetic, allograft or autograft devices. The effectiveness of a bone graft device depends on the viable bone matrix concept. For example, autograft bone materials are derived directly from the patient’s body. During surgery, the doctor has to ensure that the patient has viable bone matrix to conduct grafting. On the other hand, allograft bone material is bone material that is received from a donor. In the case of allograft bone material, it is the viable bone matrix of the donor that matters. Lastly, synthetic bone material is substitute material used in bone grafting. In the case of synthetic bone material, the viable bone matrix plays no role as synthetic material is substitute material.

Bone Graft Delivery Devices and Technology
In bone grafting, it is not just the viable bone matrix that is crucial. Ordinarily, you need to take into consideration the graft delivery system to be used. There are different options for graft delivery device of choice. The most commonly used graft delivery device are: the bone funnel, cannula or the syringe. Both the bone funnel and the syringe graft delivery device are popular in the medical field but there people who have no idea how a cannula works. A cannula is a thin medical device that is used to direct material to a specific area. It is recommended that there are more than one graft delivery devices and only use the best. In relation to bone grafting technology, the field continues to evolve with new technologies being developed to improve bone grafting surgeries. The development are intended to address concerns related to the viable bone matrix. For example, there is a new delivery system being developed to address both universal and pre-filled options in bone graft surgeries. There are also new devices being developed that have tubes filled with cortical fibers and viable bone matrix. All these will go a long way in improving bone graft surgeries.

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