Using Physical Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Pain in the body can happen for various reasons. Some examples include being involved in a car crash, slipping and falling on pavement or hard floor, old age, and more. Moreover, some of this pain can develop into chronic pain if not taken care of quickly. This is why pain management treatment is necessary. Now one may be asking, “What is the closest pain clinic to me?’

This is where research comes in, in relation to a local pain management center, to get exactly what they need. For example, if one has severe back pain from a car crash, then it would be best to ask, “What is a back and pain center near me?” Physical therapy can assess the core muscle or fibers causing the pain, which has built up to become more severe over time. From there, conventional treatments focusing on surgery, or chiropractic care, are assessed. This is how the latest in pain management is worked regarding the core assets behind pain management.

Pain is not something that anyone wants to deal with, unfortunately for millions of people, it is a daily reality. There are a variety of pain management treatments beyond using medication and surgery that can help you to deal with pain and even recover from it in some cases. Advanced pain management services include treatments like physical therapy for chronic pain relief options and doctors who do pain management are likely to be able to suggest what method of treatment is going to be best for you.

An interventional pain doctor can help you to find realistic and useful pain management options that are going to help you not only cope with pain but come out ahead of it and feel better as a result. Pain is something that so many people have to struggle with and pain medication and surgery are not always the only options possible. Knowing that you have other options and having a doctor that is ready and able to explore those options with you can certainly make a difference in your recovery and in your ability to deal with your chronic pain. If you want to learn more about pain management techniques, keep reading.


Millions of Americans live with chronic pain which affects their daily lives and ability to work. Chronic pain, especially in such problem area as the back, neck, and knees, can be difficult to treat through conventional medicine. Long-term use of painkillers carries the risk of addiction, and surgery can expensive and time consuming. Surgery may not improve the condition and in some cases can even make it worse. Many local doctors now recommend alternative treatments like physical therapy and massage to manage chronic pain.

Living with chronic pain
Chronic pain can have many causes and origins. It may result from injuries or accidents, or simply be due to natural aging processes. Sports injuries in particular can lead to chronic pain, because of the their location in problem areas like the back, knees or neck. Arthritis and other chronic conditions affect older adults, forcing them to limit their daily activities at home and at work.
Chronic back loan affects as many as 69% of all Americans. Among older adults, especially the generation known as the Baby Boomers, chronic conditions are common. It is estimated that by 2030, 60% of this cohort will be managing a chronic condition. Chronic pain forces 1% of them to limit their physical activity to just a few days a month.

Limits to conventional treatment
Doctors and patients alike have discovered that there are no easy treatments for chronic pain. Conventional medicine relies on methods like pain killers and surgery, both of which come with risks. Regular long-term use of pain killers carries the very real risk of addiction. Surgery may not help, or even worsen the situation. In fact, a large number of chronic pain sufferers give up hope of finding a cure. As many as 40% of those suffering from chronic lower back pain never seek medical care or help.
Given the limitations of conventional treatments for chronic pain and injury, many local doctors are turning to alternative or complementary treatments like physical therapy, massage and exercise. These are often more effective in pain management and reduction. They are also considerably less expensive than options like medication or surgery.

Physical therapy and other complementary treatments
Physical therapy and other alternative treatments are used by many local doctors to complement conventional medical treatment. Modalities such as physical therapy, massage and exercise can all help in the management and treatment of chronic pain. They can also reduce the overall costs of treatment.
It has been shown that the costs of treatment for lower back pain are reduced by as much as $ 2736.23 when physical therapy is also used in conjunction with conventional treatments. Alternative treatments can be carried out in outpatient settings like clinics and walk in centers. They offer hope for a large section of the population suffering from chronic pain.

Chronic pain affects millions of people, forcing them to curtail their activities and limiting physical movement. There are few cures for chronic pain in conventional medicine, but alternative treatments like physical therapy can be used to complement medical treatment. These are often effective in reducing or managing chronic pain. They can also be conducted in outpatient settings, under the supervision of local doctors. They are also less expansive, and reduce the overall costs of treatment.


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