Visit an Eye Doctor Before You Go Blind

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Did you know that approximately 8% of all males are colorblind? Since colorblindness is just one of many disorders of the eye, it is important to visit optometrists, or eye doctors, on a regular basis. However, you must find an optometrist who offers the following treatments, as both will help keep your eyes healthy.

Eye Exams

The optometrist you choose must be able to provide you with frequent eye exams. This is because eye exams are designed to evaluate the overall health of your eyes, and they are used to detect a variety of common eye disorders, such as cataracts, which more than 20 million Americans currently have. Considering that adults who are between the ages of 20-40 should have an eye exam once every five years and adults who are 40-64 should get their eyes checked every two years, it is imperative that you find an optometrist who will help you meet these recommendations.

LASIK Eye Surgery

It is also important to choose an eye doctor who offers LASIK eye surgery. This is because this procedure is designed to correct poor vision and rid the need for glasses and contacts. During this surgery, optometrists reshape the corneal tissue, which only takes about three minutes per eye. Since LASIK eye surgery is a permanent way to correct vision and has a 90% success rate, it is crucial to find an optometrist who offers this procedure.

If you want to keep your eyes in good health, you must visit an eye doctor on a regular basis. However, you must choose an optometrist carefully based on the services he or she offers, such as regular eye exams and LASIK surgery. Fortunately, once you find an optometrist who fits these criteria, you will finally be on your way to better vision. Learn more about this topic here:

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