What Can Be Done About Back Pain

Back pain can destabilize your life, leaving you unable to keep up with your life’s demands. This makes it important for you to seek help for this issue, lowering the chances of getting back problems as well. Whether your back pain is a result of bulging and herniated discs or something else, a professional can help you get to the bottom of the matter and find a solution that can benefit you. To better understand the problem, you may want to look for a lower back pain location chart or even simply a back pain diagram chart.

While you can find information in this way, it’s best to look for a professional to translate this information for you. That’s because they’re not just going to give you general information, but they may be able to explain to you what your specific issue is. You can look for an expert on the internet as well by searching for something like “lower back treatment near me” and looking at the results. This can help you find a local professional who may help turn things around for you. Check their background to make sure that they’re the best person to go to, and you can lower your chances of regretting it.

The human skeleton is practically unique in the animal kingdom, due to our permanently upright posture and bipedal movement. While other apes are capable of standing up and walking a bit, human beings make this a lifestyle, and our bodies reflect that. Our spine is S-shaped, rather than a smooth curve, to support the weight of the body against gravity. This compliments our shorter arms longer and thicker leg bones, and our arched feet as well. This evolutionary change took place over a few million years across pre-historic Africa, and while this change gave hominids a great competitive advantage, an upright body may wear out over time. Unlike other animals, human beings are constantly fighting gravity our entire lives, and this strains the back and spine in particular. Back issues are common among adults around the world and spinal disorder treatment or chiropractors may be needed. Rehabilitation may never be far away, however, and a hospital may offer rehabilitation services for patients who are in chronic pain. A spinal disorder expert may offer such rehabilitation, and a yoga expert may do much the same. Why do Americans get sore backs or spinal cords, and how can rehabilitation be found?

Adults and Back Problems

Chronic pain is common around the world, from arthritis to back and spinal pain. Surveys and studies have been done to determine how often Americans suffer from spine and back problems in the current age, and why. It has been found that around half of all working Americans admit to having symptoms of back pain every year, and experts believe that around 80% of Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives. At any given time, in fact, around 31 million Americans are experiencing back pain, young and old, men and women. Around one in three women, and one in four men, will experience back pain at some point in their lives, and the elderly often suffer from this sort of chronic pain as well. Overall, back pain ranks second among all reasons to visit the doctor, behind only upper respiratory infections.

What is causing all this back pain? A number of causes have been found. A lifestyle of hard manual labor, such as logging or mining or construction work, for example, may cause back pain and other chronic pain or joint issues. A person may suffer back pain from repeated bad posture while sitting in chairs, for example, while working at a desk job. Entire guidelines have been devised to instruct today’s office workers on how to sit properly at their desks to avoid stressing the neck or spine, in fact. Meanwhile, back pain may also come from pregnancy, and a pregnant woman’s shift in weight may strain her spine. And old age itself may cause back pain, simply from many decades of upright postures and fighting gravity. This, coupled with arthritis and other joint issues, cause chronic pain among many Americans aged 65 and over. And of course, surviving injury or trauma may cause back pain, common among hospital patients. The good news is that plenty can be done about this back pain.

Rehabilitation For You

Someone who suffers from back pain may visit their doctor, who in turn will recommend and refer to a number of experts nearby who can handle this. A chiropractor, for example, is an expert in adjusting the bones with their bare hands, and this non-invasive therapy may prove quite effective when a patient visits their clinic. A doctor may refer their patient to such an expert. In other cases, yoga may be the solution. This is done for more than relaxing the mind; yoga can stretch and end the body rigorously but in natural ways, allowing the practitioner to ease strain on pinched nerves, inflamed joints, cramped muscles, and more. A patient may be referred to a yoga expert and sign up for private sessions, and over the course of those sessions, naturally bend and stretch the body until their pain is gone. And at a hospital, there will be physical therapists who can help a patient restore their mobility and flexibility for any part of the body. Stretch tools may be used to measure the patient’s progress until they are deemed healed.


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