What Do You Really Get When You Join a Racquet Club? Take a Look at Some of the Surprising Benefits

Tennis fitness drills

Have you made a New Year’s resolution to shed some winter weight? Or have you set a goal for this year to have more “me time”? No matter how you’d like to spend 2015, you can accomplish whatever’s on your to-do list by joining a racquet and tennis club.

What do racquet clubs offer over other types of health and fitness clubs? From tennis lessons to an active squash community of amateur and pro players alike, there are plenty of benefits to joining a club. If you’re looking to join one of the tennis clubs in your area, make sure you’re on the look out for the “TLC” these places can offer:

Tennis (and Squash)

Above all, you’ll want to evaluate the quality of the tennis and squash facilities that these clubs offer. For tennis, outdoor and indoor clay tennis courts are the norm, with more courts indoors in big cities. Squash courts should have plenty of room for a game or two of squash, and you should have the ability to reserve a court if needed. You might also take advantage of the lessons and clinics offered at a tennis club, so you can improve your game, participate in fitness drills, or receive one-on-one guidance if you’re preparing for a tournament.


Tennis clubs aren’t simply a place to workout. Although these clubs may have state-of-the-art fitness equipment, they also may offer other ways to unwind after a long week. If you can, find a club that has a luxury spa, so you have access to massages, steam baths, and other relaxing treatments. A spa can also go hand-in-hand with your tennis game. From July 2013 to July 2014, approximately 32.6 million Americans (or 15% of the population) received a massage at least once, and they did so for reasons such as relaxation, injury recovery, pain management, or simply general wellness.


Finally, there are other perks to joining a tennis club that may not be listed on a membership brochure. When you join a racquet club, you’re also taking part in the vibrant tennis and squash community in that club. The tennis and squash community at your racquet club can offer you support and give you new people to play these enjoyable games with. In general, it can be easier to meet your fitness goals when you have a support system in place, and there are few places you will find that better than at a racquet club.

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