What Is Life Coaching?

The increasing popularity of a career in providing life coaching services may be attributed to this approach being more acceptable than the traditional form of therapy. That’s why you’ll notice that the distinction between a life coach and a therapist is often made clear by them.

A life coach, like a business growth consultant and business keynote speakers, is often regarded with skepticism due to the fact that it is an uncertified profession. You won’t have to undergo formal training or apply for a license to start a life coaching career. However, this job, similar to that of a therapist, contributes a considerable amount to the $2.85 billion global professional coaching industry.

No board is regulating the industry of life coaching. There are no licensing, training, or formal education requirements. As a result, almost anyone can start a career in this field.

Still, becoming a life coach or even a business transformation consultant piques the interest of many individuals. And to think that people nowadays who are seeking wellness but don’t want to go to a therapist prefer the assistance of a life coach instead.

Therefore, even if you have no college degree or credentials, you can be a life coach. It’s possible to give advice based on your own life experiences, and it can still help other people better their lives.

In this elaborate video from CNBC Make It, you will discover how enjoyable and fruitful it can be to provide life coaching services.

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