What Types of Assistive Listening Devices are Available?

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Hearing loss is something that many people struggle with. One study found that about 15 percent of adults have some form of hearing loss. Recent innovations in hearing technology provide much needed help to those with hearing problems. One common source of hearing loss is on the job. The NIDCD reported that about 15 percent of adults in America have work induced hearing loss. Hearing loss is a condition that can come in various degrees of severity. In this post, you will learn about three types of assistive listening systems that are available.

  • Induction Loop: This system uses sound that is sent through this induction loop. You must be wearing a receiver in order to hear the sound loop. However, the sound being picked up by the receiver results in a much clearer sound for a wearing of the device. An induction loop works to block out background noise so that a sound can more clearly be heard.
  • Radio System: A radio system is sometimes known as an FM system. These systems are used in various ways either through a wire or through an implant that resides behind a hearing aid. The one drawback of radio systems as assistive listening devices is channel mix up. In areas where multiple people are using hearing devices, they will need to be on different signals. Having too many people listening on the same channel will often create a disruption.
  • Infrared System: An infrared light system changes sound into an infrared signal. This infrared signal is sent to the receiver of the listener. One notable advantage of an infrared system is that it can not pass through walls. Having signals stay in one room is useful for situations where confidentiality is a must.
  • In summary, there are several types of assistive listening systems. Needing one of these systems is a concern many people face. One study found that three out of 10 people that are 60 or older have hearing loss. An induction loop creates electromagnetism to help send sound. A radio system is a versatile assisted listening device that can be used by one or many people.

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