Why Everyone Should Hire A Life Coach In The United States

You may feel that you don’t need to hire a life coach, but life coaches do more than help out people who are outwardly struggling. Though a life coach – or positive psychology coach, as they are sometimes called – can certainly help that type of person, and you, if you fit into that category, the typical life coach will be beneficial for anyone who is at a crossroads in their life, or who is simply struggling to balance all of their responsibilities. Unfortunately, in today’s world, you are more likely stressed out than not, and this stress, especially when compounded over time, can take its toll.

And stress is far from an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, recent data shows that more than thirty percent of all adults in the United States feel that they are living with what is referred to as extreme levels of stress, stress that goes above and beyond what is considered healthy for day to day living. For more than forty percent of all adults in the United States, stress has even created or exacerbated health conditions ranging from anxiety disorders to more physical conditions such as ulcers, among even other health conditions.

Stress has many causes, and it can be difficult to target each and every one of them. In the year of 2017, just this past year, more than thirty percent of all adults living and working in the United States said that they felt their personal relationships were contributing negatively to their overall stress levels and causing them more stress. Work was another common cause of stress, as more than half of American adults do not feel satisfied and fulfilled at their job – or perhaps even in their line of work altogether. And feeling unhappy and stressed out at work can bleed over into other parts of your life all too quickly, as can be seen by the fact that more than eighty percent of all adults in the United States felt that the stress that they felt in their work place environments were bleeding over into their personal lives and affecting friendships and other important relationships that they had. Between money concerns and management, workplace responsibilities, and family responsibilities (the three main causes of stress in the United States), it is no wonder that the vast majority of American adults are way too stressed out – more than sixty percent of the same adults are using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with all of this stress.

This is where a life coach comes in. A life coach can help the typical stressed out adult not only to organize their life, but to build confidence in the decisions and choices that they are making. Many a life coach specializes in positive psychology coaching, which will help their clients to build a more positive outlook on the world with, in conjunction with the raised confidence that more than eighty percent of life coaching clients see, can have a tremendous impact on their happiness. Hiring a life coach is not something that many people have considered, but it certainly should be. The average life coach is well trained and well aware of the typical and often intense factors of stress that people deal with on a day to day basis in the United States, and will not pander or talk down to you. A life coach is there to help you to figure out what will make you the happiest in your life, as well as to help you figure out what will make you the most successful overall. Stress can certainly feel like this big and awful thing – and truly it is, in many different ways. But stress is certainly not insurmountable, as a life coach can help you to see through a number of coaching sessions in which you try to bring a much needed balance into your life.

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