Why Having Flat Feet is the Worst Thing Ever

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You probably don’t think about your feet very often, but if you’re ignoring them completely — listen up! It’s easy to forget about your feet — and it’s easy to forget that they need some TLC too — because they’re so far away.

But the thing is, your feet go through a lot of stress on a daily basis, and even the basic foot care products and creams at your local pharmacy might not be enough to combat foot-related problems when they start getting serious. One of the most common foot problems in the U.S. — and something that gets overlooked all too often — is having flat feet. An estimated 60 million Americans suffer from flat feet at some point in life. In fact, most children are flat-footed until the arch in their feet starts to develop (between ages three to five). And unless the arch develops completely, flat foot problems will become prevalent in adulthood. Even children older than age five can start developing problems related to flat feet, despite the fact that their bodies haven’t completely stopped growing.

The problem with having flat feet is that there aren’t really any easy permanent solutions. If you have flat foot problems, and if the pain gets unbearable, flat foot insoles are often a good solution. Although insoles are often sold at any drugstore, it’s possible to have custom-made insoles that perfectly fit your feet. By making an appointment with an orthopedic podiatrist, you’ll be able to discuss your treatment options and (hopefully) learn some new foot care tips beyond what you’d find perusing the internet.

Remember, your feet are two incredibly important parts of your body, and you owe it to yourself to take care of them! Don’t let foot pain get in the way of living your life to the fullest. Find out more at this site.

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