Why More and More Americans Are Taking Advantage of This European Trend

Walk in bath tub

American bathrooms are seeing more and more of a European trend — and it’s probably not what you think. Walk in bathtubs and showers have been sold in Europe for 35 years, and are starting to make their way across the pond and into an increasing number of American homes. Why? The most common groups of people that use walk in baths and showers are the disabled and the elderly, but there are a few different benefits of using them.

1. Versatility.
One of the major benefits of using a walk in bathtubs is that they’re versatile. A walk in tub has a door that seals shut to keep water from escaping and a raised seat. This makes it possible for people with limited mobility — or anyone else — to soak in a tub of water. Walk in tubs, however, are also usually equipped with a shower attachment, so the experience of a shower is not lost, if that it what the user is looking for.

2. Health Benefits.
Walk in tubs may also offer such health benefits as well. Some tubs are equipped with hydrotherapy to help remedy aches and pains in muscles and joints. Additionally, soaking in warm or hot water may improve circulation and sleep patterns, and reduce stress.

3. Increase Independence.
Another major benefit of walk in bathtubs is that they allow people who are elderly or disabled to have more independence. Since a person does not have to life his or her legs to climb into a tub, walk in tubs are much easier to get into. Additionally, walk tubs usually have a built in seat so people do not have to crouch down or stand up from a position on the floor. A seat makes it safer and easier to bathe, which is helpful for people who would otherwise not be able to bathe on their own.

If you’re considering purchasing a walk in tub and shower, make sure that you look for a model that comes with a warranty, especially for the door seal that keeps water from leaking out. You should also read a few different walk in bathtub reviews to get an idea of how the tub performs before making a final purchasing decision.

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