Why You Should Consdier Urgent Care Centers Over the Emergency Room

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Knowing when your sickness or injury calls for a visit to your doctor or to the ER could save you hours sitting and waiting to be seen. It can also be the difference between paying more out of pocket or a substantially smaller amount. You may also end up stuck with medical fees which your insurance does not cover if you do not make the right choice. At the Vanderbilt walk in clinic you can eliminate many of the worries associated with an ER visit.

Urgent care clinics are normally open for extended hours, to coincide better with your busy schedule. Urgent care clinics provide family health care and can diagnose and treat a variety of conditions. Doctors typically can not offer the same extended hours, as only approximately 29% offer after hours care or coverage. Many after hours urgent care centers also offer convenient weekend hours. This eliminates waiting days before seeing a doctor if you or your family become sick or hurt over the weekend.

Vanderbilt walk in clinic and other urgent care facilities see patients on a walk in basis. This means that you are seen in the order that you arrive and no appointment is necessary to be seen by a physician. Check online to see if your walk in health clinic of choice offers web check in. By utilizing web check in you can significantly cut down on wait time in the waiting room.

Typically one physician or a group of physicians owns around 50% of urgent care centers. This means that the treatment you receive will be by a qualified physician. Majority of urgent care centers are equipped with X ray machines, Lab testing services are also offered at most urgent care clinics. This cuts down on wait time from having to go to a special center to get X rays or lab work done.

Currently there are roughly 20,000 doctors who practice Urgent Care Medicine, and that number is constantly growing larger. With more than 6,800 urgent care facilities in the U.S. finding one close to home should be no problem. The next time you think about going to the ER, consider Vanderbilt walk in clinic. Urgent care centers can save you time, money and help to make your busy life a little easier.

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