Women Are Curious about Coolsculpting Results

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Women are very mindful about beauty and how to obtain and retain it. They want longer eyelashes, fuller lips, no wrinkles, and they fight brown spots on the skin that come with aging Many are willing to have dermal fillers, laser lip liner, microdermabrasion for sun spots or chemical peel for wrinkles amongst many other procedures and treatments.

Women spend an average of $144 a year on beauty products and procedures. A majority of them believe that wearing makeup makes them feel more self confident and that it improves their self image. Beauty and personal care products are a $400 billion industry globally.More than 90 percent of the visible changes commonly attributed to skin aging are caused by the sun according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Because of that, many women have mcrodermabrasion to help sun damage.

Millennials have started using treatment for fine lines younger with 57% using anti-aging products daily, while 28% of them use anti aging products at least every week. Facial anti-aging skin care products were the second highest grossing skin care category in the United States in 2014, with sales of approximately 1.15 billion U.S. dollars. The global skin care market is expected to be valued at about 154 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2021.

A fairly new trend is cool laser sculpting. Some women are skeptical about coolsculpting results. But, research confirmed that selective freezing of fat cells reduced bulges by 20 to 25%. Liposuction is still the most popular cosmetic procedure in America. However, it does require several small incisions as well as anesthesia to perform. In contrast, The coolsculpting procedure does require 1-3 treatment but does not require anesthesia or incisions. There is little downtime and fewer risks are involved. Coolsculpting results in no scars. Since the FDA approved the procedure, it has taken off in popularity.

Not every woman is a good candidate for coolsculpting. It is best to seek a board certified plastic surgeon who can offer you all possible alternatives. Coolsculpting results have been established without harming the skin, muscle, or nerves. You may need several treatments to obtain the results you desire. It is less expensive and has less risk involved than liposuction.

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