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If You Need a Motorized Mobility Device, You Likely Will Need a Ramp or Other Device

More than 50 million Americans have a permanent disability, and in many of those cases, the disability limits their ability to get around. Nearly 7 million people use some sort of assisted movement device to get around, and depending on the level and type of disability, these measures can vary widely. For many people, their […]

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Here’s How Your Loved Ones Will Benefit From Senior Independent Living

You’ve heard the saying before ? “Once a man, twice a child”. Although it’s easy to laugh off or misunderstand this Biblical reference in your youth, it’s meaning begins to ring especially true when confronted with the often harsh reality of caring for aging loved one, such as a parent or grandparent. In these instances, […]

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Hair Transplant Services Help People Improve the Way That They Look

In hindsight, you are not that surprised that your husband plans to start the new year by checking out the options for hair replacement services. After months of carefully watching what he ate and making sure that he got a good deal of exercise, your husband had really changed the way that he looked. In […]

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Dealing With Saddle Soreness? Follow These 3 Steps For Comfortable Cycling

Even for the most experienced of cyclists, perineal pain can completely derail a ride. Avoiding saddle soreness is extremely important for immediate comfort, of course, but it can also cause substantial injury over time. However, it can be difficult to know exactly how to prevent saddle soreness, as there are some general misconceptions pertaining to […]