3 Reasons Why Incontinence Happens and How to Live With It


Urinary incontinence, or the loss of control of the bladder which can range from leaking of urine to sudden, uncontrollable urination, is a common ailment which effects the lives of millions. It can happen to anyone regardless of age although the older an individual gets, the more likely it is to manifest.

Although there are a number of types of Urinary incontinence there are three that are particularly common: Stress Induced, Overflow, and functional. While there are some broad tips that might help all three, things like avoiding caffeine and alcohol.

Stress induced occurs as a result of muscular strain, such as laughing, sneezing, exercising. This is likely the result of a weakened pelvic floor muscle. The weakness can be cause by a myriad of things: childbirth, obesity, certain medicines. Kegel exercises are one helpful way for you to strengthen these muscles. Most stores have a selection of adult diapers for sale which fit discretely underneath the clothes.

Overflow Incontinence occurs when you cannot empty your bladder completely, causing a slight leaking. This is usually a symptom of a large issue, such as weak bladder muscles an enlarged prostate for men. Often this is one of the easier types to treat with medicine, although if medicine proves ineffective, a doctor may have you use a catheter. The best way to treat this particular incarnation is to see to the underlying cause.

Functional Incontinence is often times a result of another ailment (dementia, arthritis) which keeps you from making it to the bathroom in time. This one is more difficult to manage, but there are a number of products that are designed to help you manage this ailment: leak proof diapers for adults, washable mattress protectors, disposable mattress covers. If you prefer a more environmentally friendly option, there are even washable bed pads for incontinence sufferers.
One way to help mitigate this issue is to take frequent, regular trips to the bathroom whether you feel the urge to or not. By doing so, you limit the likelihood of an accident.

No matter what type of incontinence you might be experiencing, the most important thing is not to be discouraged. There are any number of resources available for you, whether in the form of support group, leak proof diapers for adults, or even surgery.

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