The Difference Between A Family Doctor, Clinic And ER Center Which One To Choose For Your Children

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Healthcare is an issue everyone can relate to. When it comes to finding a health clinic for children, parents want to make sure they hire a doctor or a nurse they feel comfortable around whether it’s a minor sickness or severe illness. Because of this there are multiple benefits to having a family doctor instead of regularly visiting the ER, with the trust built between professional and patient one such quality many find themselves relying on time and time again. If you’re not sure whether or not you should see a specialist or visit a regular doctor, continue reading to customize your family healthcare and create a reliable resource for the future.

Skin Cancer And Sun Damage

A common issue affecting millions of Americans is that of sun damage. Thanks to the popularity of tanning, be it outside or at a tanning booth, skin cancer rates have more than tripled since 1975. The atmosphere’s protective ozone layer has also seen noticeable depletion due to numerous factors, making even basic sunscreen a poor resource for many. Doctors agree that sun damage can contribute up to 80% of noticeable skin aging, such as wrinkles and spots, and is even more damaging than smoking, dehydration and regular inadequate sleep. To prevent this issue from cropping up in a health clinic for children, use a certified sunscreen and wear layers when outside.

Depression And Anxiety

Mental health and physical health are inexorably linked. According to studies conducted by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, rates of depression in elderly populations can range from 3% to nearly 14%. Another study saw one in 20 adults over the age of 65 struggling with some form of memory loss alongside 30 million people worldwide suffering from dementia. The latter can cause Alzheimer’s disease, a debilitating condition that cannot be cured, prevented or slowed down. It can, however, be mediated through the aid of around-the-clock medical care and assistance living.

Back Pain And Neck Pain

Family care physicians regularly see requests for back pain and neck pain assistance. This condition affects millions of Americans around the country and is one of the biggest sources of chronic pain. Although the pain scale can vary from minor to severe, back pain and neck pain can seriously impact day-to-day life and even contribute to increased rates of depression, anxiety and insomnia. A sedentary lifestyle, picking up heavy objects and age all contribute to rates of back pain and neck pain for American adults.

ER And Clinics

When seeking out a health clinic for children, it’s important to know the difference between a free walk in clinic and an ER. Between 2003 and 2009, the average wait time in ERs have gone up by a quarter — more specifically, from 46 minutes to nearly an hour. A survey conducted by the Medical Expenditure Panel reported that the average ER visitor pays a total cost of $1,300 as well as a mean cost of $600. A clinic should be sought out for minor illnesses, injuries and necessary vaccinations. An ER is for when treatment is immediately needed and can’t wait for the aid of a regular doctor.

Finding A Family Doctor

A health clinic for children should be warm and inviting. It can be scary, particularly for very young children, to visit a clinical setting when they’re sick or injured. With a family doctor you can build a patient-client relationship, creating another member of the family to visit when you and your children are in need. Family health care covers check-ups, vaccines and medication alongside referrals to therapy, surgery and STD testing. Consider visiting your neighborhood health clinic and ask how you can have a family doctor in your life today.

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