The 4 Best and Wildest Beards In Sports

Approximately 39% of men in the United States have facial hair, which is up from 15% from only five years ago. When it comes to professional sports, though not every player has a rocking beard, there certainly are a few that stand out from the rest.

From scrappy baseball players to rugged hockey players, these guys might look tough but most likely utilize some quality mens styling products to keep their beards looking beautiful. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest beards throughout the major American sports:

Major League Baseball (MLB)


  • Charlie Blackmon — Nicknamed “Chuck Nasty,” his beard is nasty, but like in a good way. The 32-year-old all-star centerfielder brings in about $14 million a year, so you know he has some nice beard tool kits to maintain his facial hair.



National Basketball Association (NBA)


  • James Harden — Harden’s nickname literally is “The Beard.” Harden, the reining NBA Most Valuable Player, brings in about $28 million a year — not too shabby.



National Football League (NFL)



  • Eric Weddle — Weddle’s beard looks a little like Blackmon’s, but you can tell the five-time Pro Bowl free safety spends a lot more time on maintaining his beard. Football players don’t bring in nearly as much as baseball and most NBA players, but Waddle has done okay for himself. On March 14, 2016, the Baltimore Ravens signed Waddle for a measly $26 million over four years.



National Hockey League (NHL)


  • Brent Burns — Hockey is filled with great-looking and wild beards — but Burns takes the cake. Winner of the James Norris Memorial Trophy (awarded to the NHL’s best defenseman), Burns plays almost as good as his beard looks. Oh yeah, Burns and his wild beard brings in $8 million a year.

Apparently, these four beards are worth about $56 million a year and have plenty of athletic accolades, so maybe a great beard is the key to on the field success. Whether you’re an athlete hoping to look great on the field or a non athlete and simply want to tune up your beard a bit, make sure you’re using quality beard oils and all the best mens styling products. If you want to find out more about beard care and maintenance and find great mens styling products, give us a call today!

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