Shaving Supplies and Body Powder for Men

For today’s man, good hygiene, a good shave, and a clean, attractive body scent are easily within reach with the right products in place. Whether a man wants to trim or shave a beard, shave his head clean and smooth, freshen up his hair, prevent perspiration and the associated body smell, there are all kinds of men’s grooming products out there.

The Industry

Today’s men are always on the prowl for a good deal for their body care, more than some people may realize. Worldwide, the male grooming market is predicted to grow steadily between the years 2012 and 2024, and by the end of that time frame, it may hit $29.14 billion USD. Shaving alone takes up a big share of that; the American market for shaving accessories may reach $3.37 billion by the year 2020, and grow about 10% from where it is now. A lot of these sales are done in person rather than online, seeing as about 80% of male grooming products are bought at brick and mortar stores. More men have facial hair and choose not to shave; by now, 39% of American men have facial hair, a boost of 15% from just five years ago, and across all age groups, about 20% of men choose not to shave. For those who do, though, shaving cream, shaving oil for men, mens shaving kits, and more are available and come in different price ranges and quality. Good mens shampoo and mens body powder is also out there.

Shave and Shampoo

Shaving with a razor may seem intimidating or archaic to some, but in fact, it can be both easy and very rewarding and a point of pride. Any decent shaving kit should contain everything needed, from the cream and razor to aftershave and preshave oil and a small brush. To get a good shave, a man will first splash his face with warm water to hydrate, then apply pre-shave oil to help prevent razor burn. Shaving cream is applied to the jaw and up close to the ears, and as a bonus option, the man may even swirl a specialized brush along his facial hair before cutting. This gets the whiskers to stand upright and face similar directions, which can make shaving a bit easier. Then, the man places his razor up near the ears and glides it downward in slow, smooth motions, and as the razor gathers whisker shavings, the man may dispose of them in the sink to keep the razor blades clear. Once all shaving is done and the cream is gone, the man may apply after shave to further prevent razor burn and smell great, and he can pat his newly shaved face dry. On top of this, men’s hair care is a bigger deal than some may realize. In fact, specialized mens shampoo will clear away all dirt, oil, and dead skin on the hair and the scalp and add moisturizing effects and add a masculine scent.

Mens Body Powder

This aspect of men’s grooming may sometimes be overlooked, but mens body powder can have a great effect on hygiene. Using powders on the body, as well as scents, goes back to antiquity, from the Egyptians to the Romans and Greeks. More recently, mens body powders of different kinds rose and fell in popularity. According to Chassis For Men, talc used to stand as the premiere option for mens body powder. This powder is in fact a clay mineral, and when applied to the skin, absorbed moisture such as body sweat. This minimized the sweat where bacteria could grow and give off bad smells, as well as help prevent rashes. Diaper rash, athlete’s foot, and more were once addressed with talc as well, but this powder fell out of favor because sometimes, it was mined impurely and contained asbestos, a serious health hazard. Asbestos and other contaminating materials can even be carcinogens. Instead, for today’s man, various brand name powders are available to absorb moisture and keep odor-producing bacteria at bay. These products use materials excluding talc to act as antiperspirants, and if the materials is hydrophobic enough, it won’t clump with sweat and form undesirable pastes on the skin.

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