A Successful, Active Lifestyle Information You Should Know About Wheelchairs

In the United States, people observe many active individuals. Some enjoy the exercise of running, whether for short or long distances. Others enjoy the sport and exercise of participating in basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer. Lastly, some enjoy the sport and exercise of classes, such as kickboxing, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, and more. But what about the individuals with limited mobility?

In fact, throughout the world about 650 million people live with a disability. Also, a few years prior around 38.9% of adults with disabilities were obese. And lastly, more than 20 million adults have immense difficulty walking or climbing stairs. The question is, can these individuals have an active lifestyle as some of the ones listed above? They certainly can! Here is information you should know about wheelchairs. After all, there are about 2 million new wheelchair users every year in the United States alone!

Excellent Wheelchairs

Some people assume that those in wheelchairs do not acquire the accessibility that others have. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re in a wheelchair you’ll find that you can successfully do everything! There is nothing holding you back, and that is an incredible thing. In addition, there are so many additions, wheelchair alterations, and customizations you can get for your wheelchair to make it even more excellent.

Wheelchair Wheels: Some believe that wheelchair wheels can prevent people from traveling on certain terrain. For example, there are people who obtain an active lifestyle and enjoy hiking on dirt trails. Can you travel down dirt trails and rough terrain in a wheelchair? You certainly can! This all depends on your wheelchair wheels.

There are wheelchair wheels that are referred to as off road wheelchair wheels. These wheelchair wheels are created with a specific design so they can glide over rough areas, rocks, and mud without breaking, getting stuck, or making it unsafe for use. You can safely travel down, or up, hiking trails with your friends and family!

So, if you want to maintain an active lifestyle, consider your wheelchair wheels!

Wheelchair Comfort Cushions: Another addition that you should consider for your wheelchair, aside from wheelchair wheels is the wheelchair cushion. You spend an ample amount of time in your wheelchair. If you’re planning on a more active lifestyle, you’ll spend even more time in your wheelchair; traveling places, participating in activities, just being active! Therefore, it is only fair that you remain comfort while in your chair. This is when comfort cushions come in handy.

While you may being to feel sore in your wheelchair, comfort cushions mend this problem immediately. With a wheelchair cushion, you won’t be able to feel any soreness or pain. In fact, you can choose from an array of cushions, with some even being equivalent to memory foam! Wheelchair cushions will certainly assist you if you plan on remaining in your wheelchair for long periods of time!

Say goodbye to pain and discomfort!

Wheelchair Locks: It is very evident that regardless of being in a wheelchair, you can receive the same amount of activity your friends and family receive. You can be included in physical activity without being discriminated against; as it should be! However, while you lead an active lifestyle, it is important to consider your safety.

Wheelchair locks can keep you safe during all of your activities. This is because they are equivalent to brakes. If you ever feel unsafe or like you may fall out of your wheelchair, the locks are there to prevent this from happening. This is especially important if you are on trails with your bike, on sporting floors, or in gyms. You do not want to get injured or possibly fall out of your wheelchair. Wheelchair locks help with this, and you can get the most out of your active lifestyle.

Folding Wheelchairs: While wheelchair wheels, wheelchair cushions, and wheelchair locks can all be great additions to your wheelchair, there is a certain type of wheelchair that can be beneficial when it comes to activities. This wheelchair is known as a folding wheelchair. If you don’t need your wheelchair all the time, you can fold it up and store it for when you need it most!

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