Are Natural Products and Practices Really Good For You?

Alpine silk collagen cream

“All-natural” health remedies are easily a growing trend. With more Americans trusting in products and healthcare and skincare routines touting all-natural ingredients and/or methodologies, how much substance is there to the latest fad? The debate wages on in certain areas. The majority of all-natural energy bars, for example, are actually fairly dense in calories and fat — and contain relatively little nutritional value. What natural products and practices hold up after a closer look?

Natural Collagen Products

“Wrinkles are the result of a loss of collagen, the main structural protein of the skin. As you age, the body begins to produce less of it, which keeps skin from being as firm as it was when you were younger,” ABC News explains. It is possible to reverse this process somewhat — and to do it naturally. The best collagen creams contain peptides that naturally stimulate collagen production to restore the elasticity and firmness of skin.

Practicing Yoga To Reduce Stress

Similarly, although it is not something you can take or apply — you can self-medicate and de-stress with yoga. Yoga eases stress and encourages mindful breathing and meditation. It can also reduce physical pains that may contribute to depression. “Yoga’s bends and twists can strengthen areas that are weak and lead to less pain,” U-T San Diego explains.

Eating Raw Foods For The Most Nutritional Impact

Although you may want to avoid some foods typically touted as “all-natural,” there are some sure-fire ways to get the most nutritional bang for your buck. You’re always safe with fresh fruits and vegetables, experts say. Eating raw foods ensures there are no harmful additives and chemicals — also contributing to your overall health.

What natural products, remedies, and practices are best for you? Choose some of the best collagen creams to naturally restore skin’s youthful glow, practice yoga to curb stress, and stay energized and trim with fresh fruits and veggies. For more information, read this website. Read more here.

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