Are You Purchasing a Bike to Ride to and From Work?

Staying healthy is one of the reasons that so many people make the decision to leave their cars in the garage and ride a bike. In addition, there are many people who ride a bike so that they can reduce their carbon footprint. In fact, there are many communities where the local politicians and businesses who are willing to invest in more bike trails and lanes to allow this type of commuting more easy.

Whether you are just starting to ride a bike for leisure or you are someone who is considering the benefits of adding cartridge bottom brackets to you competitive bike, you can always benefit from the addition of bike trails or lanes.

Bicycle Shops Offer a Wide Range of Products and Services

Name brand bike frames offer a number of models in a wide range of prices. Understanding the kind of bike that you need can help you make the right kind of purchase. Finding the type of bike that you will help you the most allows you to invest in a an activity that is not only good for you, but good for the environment as well.

You do not need to be someone who understands the value of name brand bike frames and cartridge bottom brackets to start riding a bike to and from work, you simply need to know the bike friendly parts of town and the options for getting to and from the bus stop, an opportunity that can get you rest of the way on your commute.

The latest research indicates that are as many as one billion bicycles in the world, a number that represents nearly twice as many as motor vehicles, so it only makes since that there is an increasing need for the bikes themselves and the trails and bike lanes that allow for these bikes to be used.

Did you know that the energy and resources that are used for creation of one single car can be used for creation of as many as 100 bicycles? With this in mind is it possible that there are going to be even more money set aside for the addition of bike trails and lanes in both rural and urban setting. Fortunately, riding a bike to and from work provides you a chance to get to work, improve your health, and save the environment as well.

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