By the Time You Notice Hair Loss in a Mirror, You’ve Already Lost Half Your Follicles

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Bald is beautiful, but some people would rather keep as much of their own hair as possible. They may be dealing with a slightly receding hairline due to age, or they may have a scar that prevents hair from growing on part of their scalp. There are different types of hair loss, but Androgenetic Alopecia — often referred to as male pattern baldness — makes up more than 95% of all hair loss cases. If your hair is thinning, then you’re in good company: by the age of 40, more than half of all adult men report that they are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Experts consistently report that by the time you notice hair loss, you’ve already lost 50% of your hair. So what action can men take to restore their hairline?

Shaving your head is one option: of course, you’ll be a little bit chillier during the winter months, but people will be unable to tell that you have any hair loss. You can shave your head every few days with a regular, over-the-counter razor, and as long as you keep stubble from forming, your receding hairline will be invisible. Not everyone feels like they look good with a bald head, but the vast majority of women report that they do not mind if their husband or boyfriend has a bald head. If you are looking for hair transplant surgery, however, you should know that the FUE hair transplant procedure is available.

There are more than 30 million men who suffer from some degree of hair loss, and some choose to undergo a Follicular Unit Extraction, commonly referred to as an FUE hair transplant. Basically, doctors remove small groups of hair from your scalp and transplant them to other parts of your scalp. They use a tiny tool that can remove up to four hairs at once. The grafting procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and patients need to wait a few days to make sure that the grafts “take.” Any redness typically goes away after about four days. The procedure typically takes about eight hours, and patients can return home the same day.

Another option for hair transplant surgery is called FUSS, or Follicular Unit Strip Surgery. During this procedure, a strip is surgically removed from a part of the scalp that still has ample hair and is then transplanted onto the bald part of the head. Some patients report, however, that they would prefer to undergo an FUE hair transplant because FUSS leaves a scar on the back of the patient’s head. Doctors can advise about the FUE hair transplant cost; the FUE surgery has a shorter refractory period and is less invasive than the FUSS. If you get a FUSS transplant, you may not be able to harvest any more hair from certain areas of your scalp and you may face longer recovery times.

FUE hair transplant cost can vary, but you should talk to a hair loss specialist. There are ways to finance an FUE hair transplant cost, and doctors are more than willing to talk with potential patients about the procedure. The average person spends more than 500 hours per year looking into the mirror: shaving, and brushing hair and teeth. If you feel that you would like to improve your appearance, take a while and consider which procedure you would like to undergo.

Do you feel more comfortable and confident with a fuller head of hair? You can talk to doctors about the benefits of the FUSS and FUE procedures, and you can figure out a way to handle the FUE hair transplant cost. Hair transplant surgery is an investment in your confidence, and there are millions of American men who are considering having surgery for hair loss. Take the time to talk to a doctor before you make a decision, but know that there are ways to restore a receding hairline.

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