Can Ibogaine Really Cure Drug Addiction in the World?

Methadone addiction treatment

If you or a loved one have found yourselves addicted to opiates or marijuana, without hope in sight, I want to tell you that is not the case! There is a natural remedy to help you through the withdrawal phase. The fact that you have realized and come to terms with the fact that you are addicted is a fantastic and huge step in the right direction. I know the idea of a detox treatment program is the last thing that you want to get in to, but think of your loved ones and the people around you that are rooting for you, it will all be worth it in the end.

I’m going to tell you about an interest find called ibogaine. The ibogaine detox is extremely effective and completely natural. It is actually an active alkolaoid that was found in the root park of the Tabernanthe Iboga, a West African shrub. Studies have found that it can stop the withdrawal symptoms of opiates in the human body. However, there are studies that show even heroin, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and nicotine withdrawal symptoms can all be controlled with ibogaine therapy.

This product actually takes away much of the withdrawal symptoms during the detox period of the ibogaine drug treatment. Ibogaine itself does not have any addictive properties and once the withdrawal period is over, continued use of ibogaine is not necessary. It makes the body forget the memory of the drugs it was addicted to and covers any cravings. This helps the former addict to feel better and back to normal much quicker than if they had gone into a rehab and quit cold turkey.

The problem with ibogaine is the side effects. They include the following:

  1. Temporary loss of muscle coordination
  2. Tremors or even seizures
  3. Nausea and vomiting
  4. Sensitivity to light
  5. Changes in blood pressure.
  6. Hallucinations

These are a few of the effects that could happen and although they are only for a short while, they can be scary and unpredictable.

Ibogaine is said to also help with depression. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between depression and sadness. If something has happened in your life that has caused a temperary grief or frustration, this is not classed as depression. Clinical depression lasts for at least two weeks and interferes with everything in your life including your ability to work and maintain relationships. Ibogaine can affect the mind as well as the body and helps the depression to feel like it’s going away as the toxins are released from your body.

Being comfortable with the idea of detox is important. You need to know what you are getting into. Regular, cold turkey detox has many of the same side effects as ibogaine and often ends up with hospitalization if not taken care of properly. This is why a rehab is recommended whether you decide to use ibogaine or simply try to get off the drugs yourself.

While the pros and cons of ibogaine could go on forever, the real question is, can ibogaine really cure drug addiction? This is what we really need to consider. There is a down side to everything, but there is also an upside. If it can not help, then there is no point in going any further, but the fact is, there are studies and research and tests that have been done that show real improvement to humans. There are testimonials of former drug addicts who tried time and again to break the addiction to no avail, until they took ibogaine. There have been so many things over the years that have been researched, tested and tried to help overcome drug addiction in humans but as of yet there has not been anything that has boasted to really alleviate the symptoms without creating dependency to the product that is being used to treat the addiction! If this is something that could potentially help million of drug abusers world wide, although it may be unconventional, it is definitely worth looking into.

If you are serious about getting clean, this may be the answer for you.

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