Chronic Lower Back Pain Affects Most Working Americans Today Chiropractic Adjusting Instruments

Chronic back pain is an ailment most working Americans can relate to. Not only is it incredibly painful, it can seem impossible to fix.

Many will spend thousands of dollars on treatments that don’t work or yield short-term results. What you want to provide is more than just a temporary relief. You want to give your clients their life back, one confident step at a time. Chiropractic adjusting instruments are useful tools that change according to each person’s unique pain point. Providing a functional assessment that translates well to physical therapy, these tools will ensure all who leave your office feel a little better.

Functional assessment tools take on several forms. We’re going to take a look at them below so you can better assist all who walk through your clinic’s doors.

The Statistics Of Chronic Pain In The States

Americans today are wrestling with more chronic health issues than ever. Chronic inflammation, for starters, affects millions of working Americans — arthritis and joint diseases are the most common type, though are far from the only ones. It’s estimated over 30 million Americans suffer from lower back pain at any given point in time. Collectively, the population will spend $50 billion on surgery, physical therapy, and pain medication. No matter where you go, chiropractors have their work cut out for them.

Observing Chronic Health Issues Around The World

The United States is not the only country seeing rampant chronic pain issues. Recent population estimates believe one and a half billion people suffer from chronic pain across the globe. Lower back pain, specifically, is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Chiropracting adjusting instruments have seen a surge in purchases to keep up with growing demand. The more varied your toolset, the better your odds are of reversing the debilitating issues of your clients.

The Primary Contributors To Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain is defined as a debilitating form of pain that persists for 12 weeks or longer. This can range from moderate stiffness in the lower back to severe aching in the shoulders when picking up a box. Work tends to be the biggest contributor to chronic back pain — standing, picking up heavy loads, and sitting for long periods all have the ability to put stress on the muscles. Age and chronic illness can also exacerbate back pain. Several tools can be used to assess the severity of an issue and provide patients relief.

Manual Strength Testing Equipment For Patients

The best way to know the range of a muscle is to test it. No physical therapy equipment is complete without an automatic strength test — the human body is home to more than 650 muscles, all of which have the potential to stiffen or flare up at a moment’s notice. Of the population struggling with chronic pain, four out of 10 sufferers will approach a chiropractor before a doctor. An impressive 95% of patients who undergo treatment will see a 30% reduction in lower back pain after four weeks. Range of motion testing should be done alongside strength testing for a well-rounded effect.

Chiropractic Adjusting Instruments For Physical Therapy

What other rehab tools and systems should you keep your eye out for? Physical assessment software is extremely useful for keeping all your information organized. These will keep your patient’s information sorted by type, severity, age, and anything else you believe will help you make a firm diagnosis. These programs can also clue you in to new technological developments so you can keep upgrading your chiropractic adjusting instruments. Today chiropractors treat over 25 million Americans every year, with chiropractic adjusting instruments performed one million times per day.

Give your patients a breath of fresh air. Update your rehab tools and make sure you’re always striving for quality.

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