Medical Software Allows for Close Monitoring of Both New and Returning Patients

The medical check-in software at the hospital emergency room was both accurate and efficient. With the latest information about your daughter and her previous visits to the regular clinic in this building on hand, the doctors could administer care to her peanut butter reaction, while at the same time know about her previous surgeries in the orthopedic clinic, as well as the necessary information about drug allergies.

There have been times in the past where a visit to an emergency room has not provided the best care. You have waited in the emergency room while your daughter has struggled with her allergic symptoms, nurses have been more interested in the process of checking in than administering care. There was one time, in fact, when your daughter was younger when she actually threw up on the nurse who was filling out information on a chart.

Yesterday, however, was different. It may have been because your daughter presented with visible symptoms of a swollen face and eyes that were beginning to swell shut, or it simply could have been the front desk receptionist who was competent in the latest medical digital check-in software used at the hospital. The fact that your daughter had been a patient in the clinic before was also an advantage, but the medical software that the entire staff is using seems to be a real advantage.

The Latest Medical Software Allows for Quick and Accurate Patient Check In and Care

On this particular visit, the medical software even noted an unrelated upcoming visit with your daughter’s orthopedic surgeon following her hip surgery earlier in the summer. The front page of the report generated by the medical software included a bulleted and easy to read list of the medications that had been administered during the visit, as well as a much shorter list of the prescription medication that had been called in to your daughter’s preferred pharmacy, as well as one over the counter pill that needed to be purchased.

Whether you are visiting a hospital emergency room for an allergic reaction to peanut butter or you are visiting a cancer treatment center for ovarian cancer, there are many parts of your visit behind the scene that are being monitored by the medical software that the facility is using. Finding a way to access past information about a retiring patient is a real asset in an ER setting and understanding the drug protocol for a cancer patients is imperative. Fortunately, medical software platforms can help doctors, nurses, and other medical staff be as efficient as possible.

The latest research shows that ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths among women with an estimated 21,980 women diagnosed each year. These staggering statistics, however, are not as important to a patient as the personal treatment information that they are receiving. And while the stats about the five year survival rate for ovarian cancer with early Stage 1 detection can be encouraging. More than knowing that 93% of these patients survive, according to, a patient wants to know their own test levels and how they are personally doing. In fact, with the right kind of medical software that can scan family history and previous indicators, a patient may avoid being one of the majority of those diagnosed with the disease when detection comes too late.

Health insurance coverage, deductibles, and out of pocket expenses make up just one group of the kind of information that is managed by the latest medical software platforms. In addition, these programs allow for the efficient and accurate gathering of medical history, as well as provide a check back to previously recorded information. And while the updates to these computer programs and systems can be overwhelming, everyone benefits when the latest and best software platforms are available. The fact that these systems can also help increase profit, reduce waste, and provide more efficient care is reason enough for a staff to be patient with the process involved in migrating to a new system.

In fact, any medical facility that does not embrace the latest medical software platforms in the next five years will struggle.

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