Clinton: Michigan Democrats should tout health law

The former President of United States Bill Clinton said to a fundraising crowd that Michigan democrats need to tout their health law in the fall of this year.  In his 50-minutes speech, he did not only appreciate the leadership of Detroit for ameliorating the condition of the city but also spoke on the importance of voting turnout in the elections.  He emphasized democrats to mobilize people for improving the voting results.

Apart from this, Bill Clinton said that “Shame on us if we are unable to convince those people who generally vote for us in the presidential elections”. It is pertinent to mention that The Michigan Democratic Party has so far collected $500,000 for November elections. Thechairman of Michigan Democratic Party Lon Johnson called the dinner party as rousing success.  He further said that “I am looking forward to see thousands of democratic supporters to come back to Detroit for marking the celebration victory”.

On the other hand, Bobby Schostak Michigan Republican Party Chairman said that the visit of Clinton would not bring change in the nature of those democratic candidates who are running in the state.

Last but not the least, before attending the dinner party, the former President visited Shinola the famous Detroit watchmaker. He said in his statement that “Shinola is playing an outstanding economic revitalization role by producing finest qualities of watches.  Clinton had received a gifted watch embodied with presidential seal from the Shinola.

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