Dr. Kenneth Elmassian: Healthy Michigan Plan helps people, economy

All discussions about health policy and health care should begin and end with a motive that what is best for the Michigan patients. No doubt, the situation would have been worrisome if there had not been visionary leadership to implement the programs.  Take a look on the troubled rollout of Affordable Care Act and contradict it with the launch of Healthy Michigan Plan.

 During the teething days of federal exchange care, the newspapers were full with criticism and glitches. Everyone was speaking against the glitches of that federal program. Few people were complaining about website problems and a few were complaining about the registering process.  But, Healthy Michigan Plan did not witness such problems.  It is said that in the first week since the Healthy Michigan Plan had been launched, more than 85,000 people enrolled. On the other hand, there were 6,800 Michiganders who registered for the federal exchanges.

Experts hold the opinion that the final enrollment figure would cross 300,000 and it is really good news for the State.  Actually, with this insurance plan, the young and old Michiganders would get proper health care to make them stable. On the contrary, those Michiganders who cannot afford to pay for the insurance shall be treated in the Michigan hospitals for free.

Economists hold the view that the State is supposed to receive $30 billion in the form of federal funds from 2014 to 2023 and it would create thousands of jobs for the Michigan labor force.  No doubt, this would not have happened, if there had not been visionary leadership in this State.

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