Do You Secretly Believe These Misconceptions About Breast Augmentations?

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Would you consider a breast lift? After all, it only takes around five to seven days off from work to recover from a breast reduction or augmentation. While a speedy recover is appreciated by patients, it might be the reported improvement in the patient’s self esteem that made breast augmentation the number one requested cosmetic surgery procedure in 2016, with just over 290,400 performed.

Even so, any surgical procedure should not be undertaken lightly. Asking the right questions is essential. Here are a few key points to get you started.

The Three Most Common Misconceptions Surrounding Breast Lifts.

Although cosmetic surgery has become more accepted by the general public, information surrounding a breast lift procedure is rife with misconceptions. The truth is that dramatically changing one’s appearance will probably not change the quality of your life. An augmentation may require addition adjustments years down the line. And finally, shopping around for a lower price is not recommended when the service rendered involves body alteration. Here’s why these myths can be harmful.

You’ll Only Need to Go Under the Knife Once For a Breast Lift.

While many women know that their procedure will be noticeable, some hope that it will be forgotten after enough time has passed and they will be able to enjoy their new silhouette without comment. This is in fact not the case. A procedure of this nature needs occasional attention. After all, a foreign object was carefully placed in the patient’s chest, and their body may decide at some point to make its own adjustments.

If the patient received implants, their body may shift over time, resulting in breasts that appear misshapen. The implant may develop ridges or bumps. These will need to be corrected through invasive measures. Another concern applies to those women who chose a breast reduction: sometimes, the body decides to re-grow the removed breast tissue. The reduction in size slowly disappears until the patient is again left with breasts that are larger than they would like. Many women who fall into this category decide to have the procedure done a second time, usually with better results.

Changing Your Breasts Will Dramatically Change Your Life.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a study in 2008 questioning the benefits patients experienced after surgery. About 91% of women who had undergone a breast augmentation reported that their self-esteem had improved. Making an adjustment to a body part that one views as unattractive will likely give a patient’s self-esteem a boost immediately after the procedure. However, the change in appearance does not effect one’s health or well-being. The surgery simply gives the patient a different silhouette.

Finding a Good Deal Is the Best Way to Choose Your Surgeon.

A good surgeon may not be the most expensive option available to you, in fact there are many board-certified surgeons who are reasonably priced. However, it is essentially to note that in the cosmetic surgery industry, there will be a range of prices that may not coincide with other prices advertised unreliable sources. This means that if you find a surgeon who claims they can offer you the procedure for a price much, much lower than the industry standard, you should walk away.

Finding a good surgeon is not difficult, but it does require due diligence. They must be board-certified, be respectful of your body, work in a clean and sanitized establishment, and provide a history of successful cosmetic procedures. Determining if they will do a good job on your procedure can be ascertained if they have done great work on previous clients.

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure should not be undertaken lightly. Changing an aspect of one’s body may increase their confidence in the short-term, but sometimes procedures need to be retouched years later to keep the same great effects. Prospective patients need to remember that the price is not the only factor to consider when looking into potential doctors. When going under the knife, it is better to be cautious than reckless.

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