Empaths are Especially Susceptible to the Effects of EMF Radiation

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Why do so many empaths suffer from EMF sensitivity? It?s a question many people in the metaphysical world have asked lately, as cell phone usage and other devices become more and more prevalent everywhere — making it hard to avoid the effects of EMF radiation.

Why are Empaths Especially Sensitive to These Effects?

Empaths are already on a spiritual path that makes them more aware of what is going on around them. This applies to people — but also to forces affecting people, such as electromagnetic fields. While nearly everyone will suffer from exposure to EMF, empaths — among other groups of people — are especially sensitive to it.

The problem, of course, is that EMF is nearly ubiquitous. Frequencies are emitted by everything from power plants, to high voltage power lines, to cell phones, to microwaves, and even cars. You can?t walk a block down the street without passing by something emitting EMF. Symptoms are either immediate or delayed in nature, and can include weakness, gastric issues, nerve pain, headaches and more.

Empaths are also more susceptible due to their individual higher frequency. As they pick up a larger range of human frequencies than the typical individual (allowing them to improve their abilities of intuition, message reception, as well as healing), they are also picking up an increased number of electromagnetic frequencies as well.

How to Cope With EMF: EMF Protection Jewelry and More

There are a few ways empaths can deal with the effects of EMF. There are several natural remedies one can employ, such as immersing yourself in a bath full of water (or, for a quick fix, soaking your hands in a sink full of water), experimenting with pressure points (try behind the ear, two inches from the back of the temple), or practicing deep breathing.

Many of these techniques can be difficult to partake in on a daily basis, though — there?s only so many baths one can take. For this reason, EMF protection jewelry can be a great advantage to have. EMF protection necklaces work best when paired with EMF shielding, which can be placed around a home or office depending on where you need it most.

Conclusion: You Can’t Escape it, But You Can Cope

In 2007, a study concluded that the existing public safety limits for EMF were not sufficient for the protection of public health. Unfortunately, it?s nearly impossible to escape from the effects of EMF radiation without uprooting your life and escaping to some of the few places in the country where radiation cannot reach — and few people have the ability to do that (or want to). Luckily, there are ways to cope with its effects, as well as products, such as EMF protection jewelry, made so that anyone — including empaths — can fight back.

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