Three Ways to Cut Your Exposure to EMF Radiation

Ways to block emf

The human body is an incredible compilation of millions of cells that serve a variety of functions, and very sensitive to the environment around it. The cells that make up our bodies are so sensitive to the energy around us that the natural polar fields impact movement within the building blocks of our bodies. We’ve survived and thrived for millions of years with this relationship between our bodies and nature. However, within the last few decades, modern technology has astronomically multiplied the amount of energy our bodies are exposed to.

If you consider the mild impulse from the natural electromagnetic fields affecting the cellular activity of our bodies, how much more so would the massive amount of electromagnetic field (emf) radiation that comes from cell phone towers sending data from millions of cell phone users back and forth? Or the wi-fi routers that emit signals (and associated radiation) to any wireless device in the area? Scientists are still researching the impact of the artificial emf radiation on our health, but several alarming factors have indicated a serious risk of emf dangers. In the last eight years, the cases of brain tumors of an unknown cause have increased by 30%. The number of children being diagnosed with behavioral health issues such as ADD, ADHD, anger issues, and autism has sky rocketed this decade. The potential danger of EMF radiation is so significant that last May, nearly 200 scientists and doctors from across the world called upon the United Nations and World Health Organization to implement greater EMF safety protocols. The need for change is recognized, but change is slow. Until EMF safety practices are put in place by government organizations, we recommend taking the following steps to protect children and adults in your household.

Three EMF Safety Tips for Protecting Your Family

  1. Consider where you spend most of your time.

    There are certain areas of your home that you spend most of your time — your couches, your dining area, your lounge rooms. Strategically set these spaces up away from outlets, wireless routers, and areas of high EMF activity, so that the areas where you and your loved ones spend hours upon hours are away from high amounts of radiation that could be harming them.

  2. Be mindful of your sleeping environment.

    EMF safety is particularly important while you sleep; your body uses the time you are sleeping to regenerate cells and heal itself. Not only does EMF radiation interrupt your body’s natural ability to repair itself, some studies suggest that it results in unnatural cell growth that could contribute to higher rates of cancer. A few ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation while you sleep include:

    • Turn your wi-fi router off while you sleep.
    • Make your bedroom an “electronics-free” zone. It is also important to consider outlets on the other side of the walls of your bedroom, since they’re only a layer of sheet rock away from you.
    • Keep your cell phone off at night. Wireless phones emit radiation while they send and receive wireless signals, whether or not they are being used.
  3. Consider EMF shielding equipment.

    While you simply can’t control all of the EMF radiation you exposed to from wireless towers near your home, and other public EMF producers, you can reduce it through simple devices that neutralize the radiation. There are EMF shielding devices in all shapes and sizes. The key to developing a plan for what best protects yourself and your family is hinged on your lifestyle and EMF exposure. In example, if you work in an office setting with a cubicle farm of computers emitting radiation, you might benefit from EMF shielding fabric that provides total-body protection. There are EMF shielding tools that provide targeted protection against large appliances, small appliances, full room shields, and devices that are so small they are worn as jewelry. The point is, there are EMF safety devices to meet any need you and your family have, you just have to determine that that need is.

EMF energy is all around us and the evidence suggests that it could have a harmful impact on our health. By being mindful of your exposure and taking steps to reduce it, you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers.

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