Enrollments open for Healthy Michigan Plan

The State’s newly launched Healthy Michigan plan has been accepting applications since 1st April with the intent to provide health care service to 0.5 million residents of the Michigan State.  It is said that in first week since the program was launched, 32,071 people has successfully enrolled for this plan. The latest figure of new enrollments will be released in few days.

It is said that those people are eligible for this plan who were not meeting with enrollment criteria of Medicare and Medicaid programs. The age of the applicants should be 19 to 64 years for availing this opportunity.  Besides, those residents who are earning $16000 individually and $33000 with four family members can also apply for this plan.

In the start of the enrollment, Gov. Rick Snyder said that “it is our prime duty to ensure health safety and wellbeing of Michiganders and this is a significant step”. He said that residents can obtain full information about this plan by visiting www.HealthyMichiganPlan.org, or call(855) 789-5610.

Moreover, people are requested to contact MidMichigan Health Network at (989) 839-1665 for talking with an application counselor. The account manager of MidMichigan Health Network Denise O’Keefe said that “our staff is there to help people to understand the benefits of this plan and we are ready to handle a big number of people at the same time”. Denise further said that the health is more important than anything else however people should contact us and must cover themselves with this plan.

Last but not the least, the Michigan State has estimated that more than 320,000 residents will be covered this year and it is a really good beginning.

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