Michigan Health Systems Seek Cure for Dearth of Doctors

Michigan doctor offices, health service promoters, and medical schools are trying to tackle the paucity of doctors which is supposed to augment in few months to come. The people of Michigan State have been complaining about shortage of doctors since years and the newly insured people are mounting more pressure on State and Federal government in this regard.  Health care reform is meant to encourage people to seek more health care assistance from the doctors but the prevailing shortage of doctors create serious problem for the authorities to implement the program.

Dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine Dr. William D. Strampel opined that “the paucity of doctors (primary physicians) would be bigger with health care reform. However, the State needs to take some meaningful measures”.

Apart from this, Annals of Family Medicine claims that prior to changes in health care law the projected figure of shortage of primary physicians would be 4000 in 2025 while the figure of specialists would be 2000 to 8000.  Inevitably, the situation is really worrisome.

It goes without saying that there are 29,800 physicians in Michigan State and 25 percent of them are 60 years old.  On the other hand, the growing number of retirements is also alarming. Henry Ford Health System has brought revolutionary reforms to tackle the issue. The vice president of primary care and medical centers Paul Szilagyi said that “we have opened medical centers even on weekends and we are trying our best to increase the checkups timing”. He further opined that Henry Ford is also offering group medicine services to certain groups of patients. Take for the granted a group of diabetic patients may come together for the checkup then break off for individual exam.

Last but not the least, Szilagyi said that our registered nurses are available for non-emergency advices from 5 Pm to 7 am and this is a good way to save a trip of patients for ER.

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