How Do I Find the Best Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor?

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Few things in life are more important than hearing and speaking. Progress in education and social settings, specifically, require the ability to listen and speak. If your young child struggles with either of these skills it is important that you find the best group of doctors, therapists, and specialists to treat childhood and adolescent ear, nose and throat issues, as well as provide preventative care. Whether you are preparing for an upcoming vocal cord surgery or a more common tonsillectomy procedure, having confidence in your pediatric staff is key.
Nearly 85% of all children will have at least one type of ear infection by the time they turn three. While most of these children will be able to avoid any serious effects, some children require tubes, either tympanovstomy tubes, ventilation tubes, or another kind of pressure equalization (PE) tubes. These tubes are tiny plastic or metal cylinders that are surgically inserted through the ear drums for either a short six months to a year, or for a longer longer term. The longer term tubes sometimes require surgical removal. Because sensorineural hearing occurs in nearly 40,000 newborns each year, it is important for parents to pay close attention to any hearing issues.
While ear problems are often the cause of many pediatric visits, vocal and speech issues are also the reason for frequent or continuing visits. Sometimes breathing difficulties signal a larger problem and require an airway reconstruction process. While snoring is actually common among many children, it can occasionally signal a greater problem. Hypernasal speech treatment, for example, is a case where a cleft palate can be the cause of the limited amount of air that passes through the nasal passage.
Vocal cord paralysis is a more serious condition that can sometimes be treated with therapy, but can also at times require vocal cord surgery. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that nearly 2,650 American infants are born with a cleft palate. An additional 4,440 infants are born with a cleft lip as well as a cleft palate. It is these patients who more often suffer vocal cord paralysis and go on to require vocal cord surgery.
While many adult doctors also treat hearing and speech conditions, it is important for parents to seek the best pediatric care for their children. Offices that solely deal with children are more likely to provide caring and concerned attention to young patients when it comes to medical issues and general health, especially hearing and speech problems.

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