How To Protect Yourself From The Harmful Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields

How to block emf

There are several factors that can make people extra sensitive to electromagnetic fields–called EMF–such as those that come from cell phone use and computer use. EMF dangers include health impacts such as headache, irritation and concentration difficulties for adults and children based on a study conducted in 2010. While people with an electromagnetic sensitivity may already seek out methods of EMF protection, there is research which shows that even after just a year and a half, chronic exposure to EMF causes physiological stress in cells. In this day in age when cell towers cover most of the globe, many people could benefit from looking into these three ways to protect against electromagnetic fields.

#1. Laptop Radiation Shield

One way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of everyday technology is by using a laptop radiation shield. This product helps to reduce the amount of electromagnetic field exposure to your body when using a laptop computer. One suggestion: when shopping for a laptop radiation shield, try to find one that is designed to shield both electromagnetic fields and radio frequency radiation. Using a laptop with no protection can also have negative effects that you may not expect. For example, using a wifi laptop for a period of four hours was shown to noticeably decrease sperm viability according to a study conducted in 2012. In this day in age it can be tough to avoid using laptop computers altogether, so it makes sense for many people to protect themselves by using a product like a laptop radiation shield.

#2. EMF Protection Jewelry

Another way to help protect your body from the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields that you may encounter in your everyday life is by wearing EMF protection jewelry, like an EMF protection necklace. These products help to shield the wearer from various types of EMF exposure that they could contact no matter where they go. Often, the jewelry offers both style and function and may be indistinguishable to the eye from regular jewelry. Because EMF levels are at a point where they are virtually everywhere, almost anyone can benefit from EMF protection jewelry including children, adults and the elderly.

#3. Microwave Shielding Products

The convenience of electronics including microwaves and cellular phones render them basically indispensable to many people. Unfortunately, these products are known to give off harmful, man-made electromagnetic fields. If you are not able to go without using a microwave in your household, one way to protect yourself and your family members and visitors is by using a microwave shielding product to help neutralize the EMFs and radiation. Sometimes these products can also be used interchangeably with other common household appliances or electronics such as refrigerators, battery-operated devices or televisions.

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