Is Yoga Good For Your Heart? The Answer Might Surprise You

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Although the merits of physical exercise are well-known, only about one in five American adults is doing enough aerobic activity. Combined with exercises that strengthen muscles, aerobic exercise is integrated into many top fitness programs. Having a workout plan, even if involves walking and moderate stretching at first, is recommended by fitness experts for the development of a healthy lifestyle.
What are the guidelines for aerobic activity? Experts say that an elevated heart rate is one key factor: if a person is exercising, but their heart rate stays the same, they are probably not doing aerobic activity. The goal of aerobic exercise is to get the heart stimulated; if you are a little bit out of breath, experts say, that can be a good thing.
Moderate activity is good for beginners: walking around the block, mild stretching, some dancing or other physical movement. Some people who have been exercising for a while notice that the workout routine they started with no longer challenges them: increasing the duration or intensity of the workout is recommended.
Some people find that yoga helps them regain flexibility, while others prefer Pilates, which is said to strengthen core abdominal muscles and to increase strength. PiYo, also known as Yogalates, is a combination of the two disciplines.
Many devotees of PiYo workouts post “PiYo Before After” photographs online to show how their bodies have changed from the workouts. About one in five people who lose weight report keeping it off permanently. PiYo workouts are more than just a sweat session, participants report.
People with chronic illnesses or advanced spinal issues may want to consult with a PiYo coach before undertaking a program of training. Coaches should be able to advise whether the exercise would be effective for that individual. Researching “PiYo Before After” photographs and finding out which areas of the body the exercises can improve is advised for potential participants.

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