Looking Your Best Is Easier with a Full Head of Hair

Hair restoration in los angeles

Appearances matter.
From scar revisions to services provided by hair clinics, how a person looks can determine how a person feels and how confident they are. Even the optical allusion of dense hairs can help a person gain the confidence that they need to make sure that they face the day with the confidence that you need to succeed. In fact, taking away the color contrast between the scalp and the hair can make even the thinnest hair seem more dense. Fortunately, the typical density treatment often lasts one to two years before needing another touch up.

Scalp micropigmentation is a hair restoration alternative that many people like. Sometimes called tricopigmentation, this non-surgical option utilizes the latest in technology to create the effect of a full-head of hair. Although some people compare this process to getting a tattoo, this is not the best comparison. In fact, the ink used for scalp pigmentation treatments is hypoallergenic, non-permanent, and will actually fade over time. Depending on how dense you want things to look and the desired look you want to achieve, yearly touch-ups may be needed.

Although tricopigmentation will not solve everyone?s hair woes, it is an ideal solution for a wide range of people. For example, this process provides a perfect shaven look if that is what the client desires. It is also a viable option for people who are too young to be considered for a hair transplant or those who are not interested in other options involving surgery. Tricopigmentation results are fast, and provide optical density increase, by making thinned areas look more.
Many Hair Clinic Treatments Provide Quick Results with Short Recovery Times

One of the biggest advantages to many of these processes is that recovery time is very short. Especially when compared to a hair transplant, a procedure which can require days of recovery before the irritation and redness goes away. Another disadvantage of the average hair transplant procedure is that it takes eight hours. And while the duration of a scalp pigmentation procedure will vary depending on the treated area, it takes less than eight hours.
Statistics show that by age 50 as many as 85% of men will have noticeably thinning hair. Even worse, a man will lose nearly 50% the hair on their head before it becomes visible. Even younger men are not safe from this problem. In fact, by age 35 the majority of men will notice hair thinning.

If you are one of the many men who are concerned about your appearance, you might want to consider a follicular unit strip surgery or other find of treatment offered by a hair clinic. The follicular unit strip surgery procedure involves taking a strip of scalp from a non-balding area and transplanting it in a balding area. In addition to this procedure being highly invasive, it has a high rate of complications, leaves scarring, and limits the options for future procedures.

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