Physical Therapy Speeds Up the Recovery Process

24-hour skilled nursing care

For many kinds of medical treatments, physical therapy is an essential part of the recovery process, shortening and easing the gap between hospital and home. For these recovering from traumatic injuries and cardiovascular incidents as well, daily physical therapy can make all the difference to a successful recovery. Skilled nursing care facilities provide different types of therapy: rehabilitation services, occupational therapy, speech therapy, therapeutic recreation and long term care for end of life patients.

Physical therapy speeds up recovery
Physical therapy is carried out by licensed therapists who are health care professionals with at least a masters degree or a doctorate. Physical therapy helps patients to improve and restore their physical functioning, to move more easily and to relieve pain. Depending on the patient’s needs, the therapist may focus on flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, and balance.
Some physical therapists specialize in occupational therapy or sports, geriatrics, orthopedics and neurology. Therapy can be carried out in various settings, including home visits. In a nursing home, it is incorporated into a plan for recovery or for long term care.

Nursing homes provide skilled medical care
Many nursing homes have nursing aides and skilled medical staff on site around the clock. This staff can provide medical care as well as physical, speech and occupational therapy. Nursing home are not hospitals, but skilled care facilities for people who need 24-hour care. Nursing homes are often for convalescents, people who are recovering from serious illness. Others are geared to long-term and end of life care.
In each case, a program of physical or occupational therapy is part of the treatment process.

A skilled nursing care facility is the next best thing to being at home
Sometimes a skilled nursing care facility can be the next best thing to being at home. For people who are between hospital and home, not needing intensive medical care and yet not well enough to go home and fend for themselves, a skilled nursing facility is the ideal solution. It offers the necessary care and medical supervision in a caring and comfortable environment.

Nursing homes aren’t always cold, impersonal places
While many people think of nursing homes as akin to hospitals and dread going to what they think is an impersonal, institutional environment, many nursing homes make the effort to make life more comfortable and homelike for patients. Some offer facilities for community life, like kitchens and common living areas. Many nursing homes will allow couples, if both need the services provided by the home, to live together, minimizing the disruption in their lives.

For people recovering from an illness or injury or a medical treatment, physical and occupational therapy can help them make a smooth transition back to their homes and lives. For those in need of long term care, it makes their situation more comfortable, easing everyday life and relieving pain.

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