Raspberry Ketone Just Another Weight Loss Plug?

Effects of raspberry ketones

In the ever-evolving fight against obesity and weigh gain, raspberry ketone has gained in popularity for its fat burning potential over the last year. After being touted as a “miracle” weight loss aid by Dr. Oz, raspberry ketone supplements have been flying off the shelves at drug stores, completely emptying their stock, and leaving people wondering where to buy raspberry ketone.

Raspberry ketone is a natural chemical compound found in red raspberries. It is what gives raspberries their aroma and is often used in perfumes to achieve a fruity smell. But this is not what drives people to search for where to buy raspberry ketone. This compound has been shown in research to have a positive effect on weight loss. When raspberry ketone is introduced into the blood stream, adiponectin, a protein that regulates fat and glucose, secretion increases, according to studies done on mice. As adiponectin levels rose, scientists found that they helped reduce fat in the liver and obesity.

But there have not been concrete studies done on humans, which has left people feeling skeptical about the weight loss product. In essence, there is no guarantee that raspberry ketone will have an effect on weight loss in humans, and Dr. Oz also pointed out that it should not be relied upon as a sole dietary measure. He suggests that a raspberry ketone diet be supplemented with exercise and healthy eating habits.

Even with these precautions, people continue to utilize this product as part of their weight loss plan. In addition, there have been studies that point to other raspberry ketone health benefits. A 2008 study conducted by the Growth Hormone and IGF Research journal showed that out of the 15 study participants, all participants found that raspberry ketone applied directly to their skin improved its elasticity, and also stimulated hair growth. Another 2010 Chinese study found that raspberry ketone increases insulin sensitivity and improves cholesterol levels.

It is possible that after a few years, as more people take this supplement as part of a weight loss plan, that more concrete research will be conducted specifically on raspberry ketone weight loss benefits in humans. While there is currently no definite answer about the weight loss advantages of raspberry ketone, it is likely that people will continue to purchase these supplements in their never-ending search for a fat burning miracle.

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