As the Health Care Industry Changes, the Value of Family Doctors Remains the Same

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UPDATED 2/10/21

“Doctors will have more lives to answer for in the next world than even we generals.” — Napoleon Bonaparte

Interestingly enough, though he said that some 200 years ago, he was right to think that doctors would become increasingly important. According to estimates made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. medical industry is growing roughly 20% a year in volume. With that growth has come a change in the way many people seek out diagnoses and treatments. In the past, making appointments with family medical doctors was the best way to get any health issue solved, no matter how serious it was. But today, patients have more options and many are choosing alternatives like walk in clinics that are fast, effective, and convenient.

Even though you need an appointment to meet with family medical doctors, the average time spent in the waiting room in the United States is around 19 minutes. For individuals with busy schedules who just need a quick checkup and patients who can’t wait another minute to get better, that wait can be painful. Generally, even though walk-in clinics don’t take appointments, wait times are much shorter. So whether you have an injury like a sprain or broken bone or just need after hour care for your sick kid, urgent care centers might be the best choice.

Of course, though urgent care centers might be an easy option from time to time, that doesn’t mean that family medical doctors are no longer important in the health care industry. Many walk in clinics require their patients to follow up with family doctors after the initial appointment and many still enjoy building a relationship with their doctor. In fact, 78.1% of Americans want to shake their doctor’s hand upon meeting, according to a study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researchers. Evidently, though actually getting in to see a doctor can be a bit of a hassle, it is still an accepted on for the majority of Americans.

Napoleon was never considered clairvoyant, but he was spot on in recognizing the impact that doctors would have in the future. As medicine and the health care industry have evolved, people now have many more options than just family medical doctors to choose from when they need a procedure. In the coming years, especially as Obamacare becomes more influential, it will be interesting to see how the medical landscape continues to change.

Did you know that family physicians schedule the largest number of the visit compared to other medical professionals? They treat a large number of health conditions as they take care of people. Here are the essential roles that a family physician performs for their clients:

They oversee your preventive care
The best rated primary doctors near me will educate me in disease prevention and my health maintenance. They will ensure that my well-being is taken care of by counseling me, managing my anger, and stress relieving, among others.

Diagnose emerging conditions
The best MD near me has been caring family medicine over long periods. Therefore they know medical history very well. They will know what’s normal for a patient, and they will ensure that you confide in them when you experience anything unusual. Once they understand your medical history, they can quickly know where to do some changes if they notice a serious or hidden illness.

They are experts at managing common illnesses
The best doctors looking for patients will be your first stop when you want your kids to be immunized, when you need a prescription if you are developing flu virus and other contagions.

If you want your family wellness to be taken care of, team up with a family physician that will be passionate and dedicated to supporting your family through all phases of life.


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