Reasons to Consider Visiting a Walk In Medical Clinic

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Have you ever visited a medical walk in clinic? Perhaps up until now you have only ever been to your regular doctor?s office with pre-scheduled appointments. In the case of an emergency, you went straight to the emergency room or the hospital for medical attention. Now-a-days, you are not limited to those few options. Rather, there are plenty of options that exist, specifically a health clinic for women, a health clinic for children, a free health clinic and so many other choices.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of visiting a medical clinic walk in for necessary medical advice? Keep reading for more information on all the different things you can have treated and diagnosed at a family health clinic.

Benefits of Visiting a Walk In Health Clinic

You may be wondering why you should change your ways and consider a medical clinic walk in over your normal doctor?s office. There are so many reasons why it can be more beneficial to head to an urgent care or medical clinic when you are sick or injured. Although you may not be entirely familiar with the doctors and nurses who help you, you can rest assured that they are well-trained and prepared to deal with the same types of illnesses, injuries, and medical inquiries that your normal doctor?s office handles daily.

In addition to having top notch doctors and nurses, a walk in health clinic can also be more affordable than the other options. For instance, if you have to go to the emergency room for some type of injury or illness, you may end up spending much more money than you would have hoped to. Statistics show that the average visit to the emergency room can cost as much as $1,318 according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey.

If you are hoping to save more than just money on your doctor?s bills, you can likely save time, as well, if you opt for a medical walk in clinic appointment over an appointment at your doctor?s office or a trip to the emergency room. The wait time at most emergency rooms has increased over the years. It used to be an average wait time of 46.5 minutes, and now it has increased to 58.1 minutes from 2003 to 2009.

Medical Reasons to Visit a Medical Walk In Clinic

There are a variety of medical issues walk in clinics can assist with from diseases, to illnesses, to injuries. If you spend too much time in a tanning bed or received a little bit too much at some point over the summer, you may be suffering from sun damage or skin cancer. It is always a good idea to have your symptoms assessed by a medical professional as soon as possible. That way, you can receive a diagnosis, receive treatment, and be directed to the right doctor. A walk in clinic can help you get started down this path. Sun damage can greatly harm your skin, and doctors warn it can be worse than smoking so it should be dealt with sooner rather than later.

As you age, there are a plethora of diseases that can start to ail you, like depression or Alzheimer?s disease. These are both things that can be assessed in a walk in appointment at a health clinic. You do not necessarily have to wait for an appointment to open at your normal doctor?s office in order to receive the medical care and attention you need. You also do not need to spend a fortune at the emergency room. Instead consider visiting a medical walk in clinic to see if you are one of 30 million suffering from things like dementia or Alzheimer?s disease.

Have you ever visited a walk in health clinic before without an appointment? Did you save time and money while receiving excellent care from trained nurses and doctors? Let us know in the comments about your experiences at health clinics versus your experience at your normal doctor’s office or the emergency room.

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