Reasons to Start Using the Game-Changing Alaris Smart Pumps

By 2024, the global infusion pumps market is expected to hit $5.016 trillion. This ballooning can extensively be attributed to the innovative path that the industry has been on for the past few decades. Thanks to this avant-garde approach, smart pumps were pioneered and they have been getting better over the years. Alaris is an industry-leading smart pump that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

Here are the reasons to start using the game-changing Alaris infusion pumps in your facility.

No Room for Error

A 2005 study revealed that even with smart pumps of the time, there was a 67% error rate in IV infusion administration. This was contributed to by neglecting or overriding the dose error reduction system (DERS) and the smart pump drug libraries. The Alaris infusion pumps have been designed and programmed to eschew such pitfalls.

The Alaris smart pumps take advantage of the Guardrails™ suite MX, a top-notch infusion safety, and CQI software meticulously built for IV systems. The BD Alaris™ Guardrails™ Editor is a sterling PC tool that allows you to create safety parameters for your patient care. The Guardrails™ CQI Reporter enables you to keep track of the outlined infusion safety practices through custom graphics and reports.

Notably, poor system maintenance practices share the blame for the errors recorded when using smart pumps. Alaris infusion pumps steer clear of this problem thanks to their pioneering BD Alaris™ System Maintenance. This PC tool provides a reliable technical guide to biomedical engineers to perform their preventative, diagnostic, and update procedures error-free.

Modularity and Versatility

In this case, it’s ludicrous to talk about modularity without covering versatility. The Alaris smart pumps have supreme modularity that expands their versatility to unsurpassable heights. First and foremost, this smart pump has a minimum flow rate of 0.1ml/h and a maximum flow rate of 999ml/h. This means that Alaris IV pumps can be used for all infusion needs that you might come across. This will spare you a lot of time and additional costs.

You can stretch the versatility of the Alaris infusion pumps that you have with modules. There are plenty of module options to choose from, depending on your use case. The smart pumps can effortlessly support more than a few modules at a go. The boon is that the modules are also subject to the industry-leading Guardrails™ safety standards.

Plain Sailing User Interface and Ease of Use

How intuitive and painless is the user interface on your current smart pumps? How easy is it to attach modules – if it has any – to it?

Alaris IV pumps are built with the user in mind. The user interface is easy to understand, with numerous controls designed to put nearly all functions just one button-press away.

The Gordian knot for most of the existing smart pumps is that even the most critical functions are buried deep in menus. This means that there is a steep learning curve to getting everything right. The steep learning curve also leaves a lot of room for errors. Alaris infusion pumps are easy to learn and use as they put everything just one button-press away.

The ease of use of this smart pump extends to its modules and also its operation. You don’t need to be a biomedical engineer to decipher how it works. The modules are designed to take the least time to mount and set up. In case you have to make adjustments as the infusion is ongoing, Alaris IV pumps make that easy-peasy.

Whether you are a hospital or any other healthcare facility, it’s vital that you buy an infusion pump that will give you peace of mind and the confidence that all will go well. Just going out to buy a smart pump is not enough to guarantee this. Alaris infusion pumps offer an excellent complete package to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

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