Rethinking the Meaning of Home Medical Equipment

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At one time or another you’ve probably been told that if you want something done right, it’s best to just do it yourself. And while this saying isn’t always true or applicable, it rings especially true when it comes to taking ownership and responsibility over your own health. For many people, the thought of taking their personal health matters into their own hands can be terrifying, however there is no need for trepidation. Those who have taken ownership of their health will tell you how rewarding and even fun (yes fun) it can be, not to mention extremely rewarding.

Taking responsibility for your own health means becoming familiar with home medical equipment and supplies. When most people think of home medical equipment, they think of CPAP supplies for sleep apnea, but rarely do they think of essential oils, tinctures of potent plant extracts, herbal teas, fresh produce, and home water filtration systems. And while very few, if any, of these aids to alternative medicine can be bought in traditional medical supply stores, it doesn’t mean they’re any less effective.

When it comes to taking care of yourself, including prioritizing your health and well being, it’s important to become familiar with alternative therapies and home medical equipment, both traditional and alternative. After all, who says that home medical equipment has to be confined to wheelchairs, hoists, and oxygen machines? If it’s made to help you heal or make life easier, home medical equipment is a fitting term!

It’s important to make and keep your home a healing-friendly environment. This includes keeping it comfortable, sanitary, and peaceful. For example, your bedroom should be conducive to sleep, and you should do your best to reduce or completely eliminate any sleep-depriving distractions such as television, tablets, and computers. You should also keep work outside of the bedroom, and instead reserve it for sleep and intimacy. Why? Because adequate sleep is an extremely important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and without it you’re putting your immunity and health at risk.

So in the case of creating a bedroom sanctuary that’s made for sleep and not much else, anything that enhanced the space could be considered home medical equipment. This includes comfortable bedding, proper lighting, and sleep-inducing essential oils such as lavender and chamomile.

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