Sick of Your Freckles? Here’s One Scientific Way to Get Rid of Them

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Danny Bonaduce. Lindsay Lohan. Rupert Grint.

Out of all the famous freckled faces in the world, it’s hard to say whose was the cutest. If you’ve been blessed with constellations of freckles on your own visage, you might think it’s pretty cute, too — until you start maturing in your teen years. It’s hard to keep the childish charm of freckles when you start sprouting hair around your jawline and begin to grow into the person you’re going to look like more or less for the rest of your life.

That’s why some freckled folks decide to take drastic action and rid their faces of the very marks that once made them as adorable as a Little Rascal. How? Well, this is 2014 after all. We’ve mastered the fine art of freckle removal utilizing the same means that made it possible to rid our bodies of unsightly hairs and even excess pigment in our gums. Of course, we’re talking about lasers.

Laser treatment for freckles is a fairly simple procedure, too. But it’s important to realize that you should never opt into it without visiting your physician first to ensure none of the spots on your face, arms, legs, back, torso or elsewhere are cancerous. You’ll likely be sent to a dermatologist for special testing, but once those results come back in the negative, you’re free to consult a laser specialist about the best course of action for getting your skin back to an empty canvass.

Once you’ve gotten the dermatologist’s OK, it’s time to pop into a specialist who performs laser treatment and procedures. What happens during laser treatment for freckles is, on a molecular level, very spectacular. The laser hits your skin, then the intense light and heat from the concentrated beam force the pigment which makes up the freckles to dissipate. According to one doctor-penned testimony from, patients don’t typically complain about pain, either, meaning the procedure is more annoying or uncomfortable than actually painful.

We mentioned other kinds of laser treatments earlier, and it’s worth noting that laser face resurfacing is also quite popular, accounting for 14% of the total number of cosmetic procedures performed in 2009 alone. Skin laser resurfacing for acne scars also draws in quite a bit of action. As for hair removal, it’s become one of the most profitable industries in the cosmetic procedure realm, and some owners are even having to fight back against heavy machinery thefts.

All that is just to say that lasers are here to stay — to the collective glee of Bond villains everywhere. For more information about laser treatment for freckles, ask your dermatologist the next time you book an appointment. Read more about this topic at this link.

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