Three Reasons Why Parents Always Need to Vaccinate Their Kids

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Forget everything you’ve heard in the media lately about children and vaccines. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of talk about the inherent dangers that reside in getting your children vaccinated as infants, including the oft-cited — yet completely scientifically unsound — notion that vaccines somehow cause autism.

It’s a uniquely American privilege to decry the very things that are keeping our civilization thriving, especially considering that one child dies every 20 seconds worldwide from a disease that could have been easily prevented with a simply vaccine, according to UNICEF.

Yet once certain public figures grab a hold of the spotlight, they’re not likely to let go, even if it means spreading threateningly hazardous misinformation across the airwaves of the nation. Luckily, you don’t have to believe in what’s being fed to you by these fame-obsessed power lunatics. You can think for yourself. If you’re going to do that, it help to start with the facts first. That’s why we’ve put together a list of everything you need to know about vaccines to help get your children on the road to a long, healthy existence. Understand all this as you’re finding a pediatrician in your area.

Fact: Your children won’t get the disease from the vaccine itself.

“Most vaccines we give today, such as meningitis and DTaP, contain killed vaccines — not live agents that could replicate,” says Dr. Kathryn Edwards, a spokeswoman for the National Network for Immunization Information. In other words, you’re worry over nothing. Doctors and scientists today have worked toward developing vaccines that can help infants defend themselves from illnesses, not get sick from them. All you have to do is find pediatricians at a local pediatric medical center to help determine which ones.

Fact: Vaccines protect other children as well as your own.

There’s a good reason your child’s kindergarten teacher ensures all students are vaccinated before beginning the year. It’s the same reason the daycare center requires a similar stipulation — children are more vulnerable to illness and disease, and therefore they need to be vaccinated early on. Once they’re preventing illnesses inside themselves, they’re not at risk of spreading them to other kids in their classes.

Fact: Finding a pediatrician is not a hard thing to do.

Ask your friends. Ask your family members. Ask your neighbors. Ask people for recommendations, then do a little digging online. Find a list of pediatricians and read their reviews. Call their offices and ask questions about their experience and their qualifications. Once you feel comfortable with a doctor in a pediatric office, start talking about vaccines. The timing is everything.

For more information on vaccines and other preventative measures, always consult your doctor or look into finding a pediatrician. When it comes to concerns about health care, you can never have too much information. Read more.

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