Take the Supertrack for Minor Emergency Care Services

Getting emergency care services is easier than ever when you take advantage of the Supertrack urgent care center services that are available for minor emergency medical care. Supertrack emergency care services get you the care that you need fast.

You do not need an appointment to take advantage of the emergency clinic. The Supertrack system means you get seen for your minor emergencies without having to dedicate “emergency room” time.

When Should You Get Urgent Care?

There are a lot of minor medical emergencies that occur where you are not sure if it warrants a visit to the emergency room and the long wait. The Supertrack is the place where you can get emergency care services for those minor emergencies that do not necessarily require emergency room care.

When your doctor is not available and you are suffering from an ear infection, a cold, the flu, a laceration or what you believe to be a sprain, it is always best to get checked out. Getting the medical care that you need means you can get on the path to healing sooner.

Waiting to see your doctor can delay treatment which of course will delay your healing. When you make the choice to address your minor emergency injury or illness:

  • You can get a quick diagnosis for peace of mind
  • You can get the medicine that you need
  • You will start feeling better sooner

One of the best reasons to go to the Supertrack emergency medical care is to get an accurate diagnosis. Once you know what is wrong with you or your family members and get the needed care, you can focus on getting well and stop worrying.

Leave With the Medication that You Need

Sometimes over the counter medicines just is not powerful enough to deal with certain illnesses. You can leave the emergency medical services with prescription to help you get better faster. If you suspect an injury like a sprained ankle, you will leave with your ankle wrapped, and a follow-up appointment with a specialist.

Get Better Faster

If your doctor is away for the weekend, and you have to wait until Monday to get an appointment that means that you lose three full days of treatment opportunity. Not getting the treatment that you need quickly can delay healing. A simple bone fracture can take from 2-10 weeks to heal. How well a fracture heals largely depends on how soon the fracture is addressed. The sooner you get attention for any minor emergency service the better off you will be.

The Supertrack at Carolina East Health System is the place to get emergency care services for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. Don’t wait to get the care that you need.

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