Taking A Look At The Benefits Of Riding A Bike

There are many reasons to ride a bike. For one, it’s fun. It’s a great way to get out there in the world and explore it in a way that might be just a little bit different. Biking is also great for your health, getting you the physical activity that so many people – especially adults – find so hard to fit into their days. And it’s good for the environment as well. For many people, there is really no reason not to bike, if you are at all able to.

And there’s certainly no doubt about it that biking is widely and wildly popular not only here in the United States but in many different places all throughout the world as well. For instance, as many as twenty one million adults – if not more than that – rode a bike in the year of 2010 alone, with more than three million people saying that they ride bicycles on a frequent basis. And when we look at the entirety of the world, we find that there are more total bicycles – a number that now exceeds one billion, if only just by a little bit – than there are cars, even here in the United States, the country that has more cars than any other country on this planet (even more cars than China, a country that simply dwarfs us in size).

For many people, biking is a way to improve their overall health. Not only will you build muscle and endurance while biking on a regular basis, but your heart health is also likely to be improved as well. For instance, biking has a tremendously positive effect on coronary heart disease. Just biking for as little as twenty miles in a week can reduce your likelihood of contracting coronary heart disease by as much as fifty percent, effectively cutting it in half.

And simply biking to work and back again is likely to get you the necessary recommended amount of exercise. Unfortunately, there are far too many people who can’t find the time to get this exercise in and data currently shows that only around five percent of all adults in the United States are getting the exercise that they need on a daily basis (about thirty minutes of it). And only around one third of all such adults are getting the weekly recommended amount of exercise. Biking can change that, while still being a normal and utilitarian part of your day.

And with a forty six percent increase in bike commuters in the years that have passed since 2005, the bike industry is thriving, bringing in as much as nearly one and a half billion dollars in used bicycle sales alone in the year of 2015. And the bicycle industry as a whole made more than six billion dollars in that same year. In the few years that have passed since, this total revenue has only continued to increase.

In part, this is due to the sales of bicycle accessories, from leather bike seats to bicycle saddles and other such bike seats. Leather bike seats are a particularly popular type of bike seat, and leather bike seats come in a wide range of options. For instance, vintage leather bike seats are popular, as the vintage leather bike seat is also likely to add a bit of stylistic flair. And leather bike seats have also been called one of the most comfortable bike seats out there today.

Aside from leather bike seats, there are a wide variety of other accessories out there as well, with leather bike seats only really representing just one type of them. In fact, the annual amount of money that is typically spent on bicycling gear is a number that very often exceeds a hugely impressive ten billion dollars, making leather bike seats and other such accessories a hugely lucrative part of the biking industry as a whole.

Biking has become more popular than ever before not only here in the United States (where it has spread throughout the entirety of the country) but through the vast majority of the world as well.

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