Telehealth Services Set to Change the Face of Modern Mental Health Care

Benefits of telehealth

Telehealth software is poised to change the face of mental health care in America, according to the success of recent comprehensive studies across the country. Over the course of more than a year, researchers were able to determine that clients were statistically more likely to keep mental health appointments with psychiatrists when they met over HIPAA compliant software designed for videoconferencing.

Since social phobia may present concurrently with a mental health diagnosis, having remote conferences with psychiatrists may be less threatening for clients who actively struggle with the limitations of a mental illness. About three-quarters of mental health consumers surveyed chose to remain with the same doctor, and the appointment cancellation rate among clients declined from almost 5% to an encouraging 3.5% over the course of the study.

Clinical outcomes for clients who utilize telehealth software to access mental health care seems to be the same as clients who receive in-person treatment, studies show. With readmission statistics also lower among clients who access remote teleconferencing in the course of their mental health treatment, almost 90% of healthcare decision-makers state with confidence that videoconferencing is poised to revolutionize mental health care in America.

The potential advantages of telemedicine for doctors serving rural clients is also strong; some people dislike traveling during extreme weather or have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders that can make telehealth software relevant to a much larger section of the American population. Some doctors may also make use of telehealth software to improve diagnostic accuracy for their clients; having access to a community of physicians who are easily able to communicate on the internet should further improve client care outcomes.

The potential exists for clients to eventually have the opportunity to meet with doctors in the comfort of their own homes via the internet. Proponents say that telehealth solutions may spur the expansion of telemedicine research, which many mental health clients are excited about as well.

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