The Many Causes of Low Testosterone Levels

Hormone loss

As many as 13 million American men may have low testosterone. Low testosterone levels can be caused by genetics, medical concerns, age, or lifestyle habits. Each of these low testosterone causes requires different testing and treatments. However, the majority of hormonal imbalances fall within one of the categories.

Low testosterone due to genetics

Genetics play an important role in our lives. They decide our gender, our height, and sometimes even our weight. Genetics can also cause many disorders or diseases. It can affect hormonal levels and their regulation within the body. Genetics are often not the first tested caused of low testosterone, but a family history is usually evaluated. If there were any previous troubles with low testosterone levels in other males in the family, genetics could be a contributing factor.

Low testosterone due to medical concerns

There are two medical concerns that can contribute to low testosterone levels. Firstly, medical conditions such as obesity and hormonal imbalances can lead to low levels. Patients with high blood pressure or chronic pain may also have reduced levels. Additionally, the medications that are used to treat a variety of medical concerns can also lower testosterone levels. Medications specifically used for depression and other mental health disorders have proven to lower overall testosterone levels. Fortunately, low testosterone treatment centers can evaluate and use these suspected medication side effects in diagnosis.

Low testosterone due to age

Age can also reduce testosterone levels. Testosterone levels vary from man to man and are known to decrease 1% per year after the age of 30. Although this decline can take many years to make a significant difference, men that started out with low T levels in the first place may notice changes even earlier. Low T therapy is often used when age is a contributing factor to lowered levels. Low testosterone treatment centers can take age and declining levels into account to come up with the appropriate treatment method.

Low testosterone due to lifestyle habits

Lifestyle habits are not often the main cause of low testosterone levels, but can absolutely contribute to even lower levels. When men are dealing with genetics, medical concerns, pharmaceuticals with side effects, age, and living an unhealthy lifestyle, they are likely to have much lower than average T levels. The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy often require lifestyle changes too.

Working with low testosterone treatment centers, many patients will also receive recommendations to reduce fat intake, reduce overall body weight, and stop smoking and drinking. The increase in chances of low testosterone may be as high as double. Studies show that the odds of having low testosterone are 2.4 times higher in obese men. Low testosterone therapy is more effective when healthy lifestyle changes are made.

How low testosterone treatment centers can help

Low testosterone treatment centers can help to increase overall testosterone levels with traditional treatment methods. This usually involves making lifestyle changes, as well as hormonal supplements. In a medical setting, the physician monitors the current levels and changes based on the different treatment methods. The goal is to raise the testosterone levels to minimize any symptoms that were caused by the drop.

Low testosterone levels can be caused by many factors. Many men are not even aware that their current symptoms are coming from low T levels. As many as 90% of men with low testosterone currently are not receiving any treatment, because they are not aware of the cause. Hormonal treatments are very effective, as long as they are used in conjunction with healthier diets and lifestyle changes.

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