The Rapidly Changing Landscape of the American Healthcare Industry

Urgent care facilities

The new millennium has proven to be quite an exciting time. While people may have expected us to be operating flying cars and time traveling at this point, the landscape of American has drastically changed.

For example, the elusive American Dream — home in the suburbs, office job in the city, a housewife, 2.5 kids, dog, and a white picket — has changed, giving way to blended family units living metropolitan areas (the dog has since been replaced by more exotic pets). In addition, the landscape of the American healthcare industry has dramatically changed as well.

Urgent care express services continues to play an integral role in American healthcare, bridging the gap between overcrowded and understaffed hospital emergency rooms and primary care physician offices. Under the Affordable Care Act — which stirred a significant amount of controversy and was likened to communism — an influx of newly insured patients who unable to afford healthcare prior to its passing flooded urgent care locations across the country seeking medical treatment. Had it not been for these urgent care centers, these patients would have ended up at short-staffed hospital emergency rooms or would have gone without treatment.

However, even urgent care express centers are undergoing a change of their own. Recently, Los Angelese county received $41 million in state funding which will be used to create 3 new psychiatric urgent care clinics, in an effort to treat those who are experiencing a mental health crisis and keep them from being booked in jail. This has sparked national interest in the need for psychiatric urgent care express clinics to address urgent mental health crises. Read more like this.

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